Currently the multiple convicted criminal Hendrik Möbus (Absurd / Darker Than Black Records / IG Farben Records / Burznazg Productions / new Ablaze Magazine / New Black Order + many more sublabels and activities) is apparently holding a smear campaign against me for reasons unknown to me and to the outside world. Using a pseudonym account, Hendrik Möbus himself posted an accusation on several fora, in which he claimed I use pseudonym accounts to post facts in order to discredit him. Yes you read it correct: Hendrik Möbus uses a pseudonym account to accuse others of using a pseudonym account.

Curious to find out the reason behind this I contacted him, since we had never been in touch before. But when confronted personally, Hendrik Möbus does not explain his actions nor his motivations behind this personal grudge, nor provides any proof behind this accusation. As such, he is guilty of torious interference, defamation and invasion of privacy. My email to him to ask him to clarify what his problem with me is remains unanswered to this day, and when confronted at concerts (where he got in for free since he was on my bands' guest list) he backs off and avoids me. For example, this email is still unanswered to this day:

Even when invited personally, Hendrik Möbus does not show up at concerts because of his collaboration with certain groups, all the while still spreading lies behind my back. I have never had any interest in working with Hendrik Möbus so there is no reason for me whatsoever to use a pseudonym to gossip about him. So I never used this account to post any message. The proof that Möbus is behind the accusation with the pseudonym account is this silly and childish testimony to a mutual friend, quote: 'I will remove the post when he says he is behind the account'.

Be it known that I do not engage in internet discussions, especially not with such blatant lies and bullshit done by an unemployed criminal in his 40s. Unfortunately in these days of internet, many unstable persons such as Hendrik Möbus resort to using Facebook, fora, blogs and other platforms for smear campaigns and personal issues. You can keep writing your madeup lies and act tough on the internet. I take complete distance from such autist and weak behaviour and will not engage in any "online discussion". Over and out.

Update februari 2017: through a mutual friend Hendrik Möbus asked me to remove this very message you are reading right now, to which I replied that I would gladly do so if he would remove his two accusations posted under one of his many pseudonym accounts. As a sign of goodwill, I removed this message and gave him one week to do his part - which should not take more then 30 seconds. Hendrik Möbus failed to remove his slander against me so this message is back up. Still to this day I have not been contacted in private nor did Hendrik Möbus show up after a personal invitation to meet up. He continues to wage some kind of internet war against for unknown reasons, yet I choose to stay of out this.

To make the situation even more ridiculous and childish, here is direct quote from Hendrik Möbus, followed by a lengthy yet uncomplete (!) list of pseudonyms and names under which he himself works. We received this list after it has been spreading around on the internet for a long time, so it's nothing new really.

Zitat: "I use aliases for a certain reason. Many people would be distracted from the fruits of my work if they knew who was responsible. Unfortunately, there are people who just can't be objective with anything I do; they are so overwhelmed by enmity and envy that they will throw dirt at what ever bears my name."

Here is a list of pseudonyms used by Hendrik Möbus

Personal pseudonyms, aliases, alter egos:
Hendrik Möbus
Hendrik Albert Viktor Möbus
Jarl Flagg Nidhögg
Todd A. Litayre (general + username on NBO forum)
Vic Vicious (author in Ablaze magazine)
Hagen von Troje
Joe Ramone
Randall the Vandal
Randall Flagg
Son of the endless night
Klothilde Spechthorn (alias on Facebook, not confirmed)
Monique Hetzel Salihu (alias on Facebook)
NBO Admin (username on NBO forum)
Vidar Veratyr (alias from a friend, but used as personal username on NBO forum by Hendrik Möbus, screenshot)
Galgenstrick (username on Myrrthrontth forum)
Helter Skelter (username on NWN forum)
DTBRex (username on NWN forum)
Deathexecution (username on NWN forum)
Goatanizer (username on NWN forum)
Nebelklang (username on NWN forum)
Herjan (username on NWN forum)
Tyson (the name of his dog, which he uses to receive mail)
+ more usernames/Facebook/Metalflirt aliases awaiting confirmation

Organisations, groups, websites, either founded by Hendrik Möbus or he simply took the name later:
Darker Than Black Records (name picked from left winged death metal band)
Merchant of Death
IG Farben
Burznazg Productions
Ancestral Research Records
Totentanz Konzerte
Staalpakt Records
Sonnenrune Records
Nebelklang Records (since 2018)
Ablaze Magazine (originally a left wing magazine, but simply took the name and logo for his own magazine)
Deutsche Heidnische Front
New Black Order Forum
Fascination Media UG
Gefällt mir weil RockHard es boykottiert 2.0
+ more Facebook pages awaiting confirmation

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