ILDRA 'Eelland' LP 2014 / MC 2015

1. Sweorda ecgum
2. Rice fter orum
3. Hrefnesholt (Dl I)
4. Esa bld
5. Ofer hwlweg we comon
6. Nu is se dg cumen
7. Earendel
8. Swa cw se eardstapa
9. On as hwilnan tid

After releasing two highly praised demos via Heidens Hart previously already, we now present the the long awaited debut album of Ildra finally on vinyl LP. Authentic and organic pagan Anglo Saxon black metal alternated with short folk parts performed on traditional instruments. The result is a remarkably unique album filled with melodic and furious hymns and provoking and commanding rhythms and vocals, topped with one of the most epic, dynamic and bombastic productions since "Hammerheart".
The CD-version from this highly underrated album from 2011 went not noticed enough by lack of promotion by the label, so it's now time to unleash the LP and MC editions and give the band and album the attention it deserves. The LP comes on high quality vinyl, and is the better edition in all aspects: dedicated vinyl pre-mastering and big sleeve, and both LP and MC come with a big inlay with an insert with all lyrics in the original ancient Anglo-Saxon tongue (as sung on the album) as well as the modern English translations.
An accomplished work of anthemic Anglo-Saxon pagan black metal for fans of Bathory, Forefather, Primordial, Graveland, Gontyna Kry!

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