Tapes (€4 each unless noted otherwise)

Abigail / Vorkuta Speed metal motherfuckerz split tape Title says enough.
Abyssum Cum foeda sanie ex ore tape Good symphonic stuff, still raw sound. Perhaps a bit like old Emperor but more primitive.
Absum Purgatoire tape €6
Acceptus Noctifer Spectral thorns of misfortune tape Aggressive and fast black metal trio from Portugal, like a mix between old Ad Hominem and old Dark Funeral. Good stuff.
Ad Arma Stalingrad tape Fast raw black metal sounding like Judas Iscariot and Godless North. (Ex)members from Genocide and Trollzorn.
Aeons Of Sorrow Aeons of sorrow tape Black/doom metal.
Aetheres Laknienie misterium nocy tape Polish black metal, reminding of later Gontyna Kry albums. Members of Venedae and Gontyna Kry. This is really good!!!
Afvallige Nevelveld tape Debut demo of this project. Three tracks of highly aggressive and sick black metal plus an outro. Imagine a mix of "Blood must be shed", "Kronet til konge" and "De mysteriis dom. Sathanas". No keyboards, no drum computer.
Ahnenhammer Seelenwinter tape First demo of this Austrian band. Crude, but varied black metal. Clearly a demo-recording, but showing a band that is recognizable between others.
Akolyytti Torch of the black flame tape Simply fantastic epic black metal from the deepest pits in old Scandinavian style. Guitarsound, keyboards and vocals remind me of the ancient darkness Emperor and Gehenna once possessed! A new band, a new demo, limited to 200 copies. Homedubbed by the label, not the best sound, but this is underground. These guys have a dark future...!!
Albez Duz The coming of Mictlan tape €5
Amalek Die Rückkehr Wotans tape
Ampütator Intolerant profanitory domination tape
Ampütator Intolerance deathsquad tape
Ancestors II tape Second demo of extremely primitive and rough black metal with a punkish vibe from the USA. Just two songs, 10 minutes playing time.
Ancestors Blood / Hunok split tape
Animus Mortis / Empty Invocations from the innominate void tape
Antiphrasis Unbekanntes nichts tape
Apati Eufori tape Swedish suicidal black metal stuff, same style as Lifelover and Shining.
Archandrja Zimowy brzask zwyciestwa tape Black heavy metal from Venedae circle!
Arghoslent Hornets of the pogrom tape Tape edition of their latest and best album! Riffs riffs riffs, simply killer.
Arkona Zeta reticuli tape Re-stock of this official old demo. First material I heard from the band back then and still my favourite. Fast and unforgiving black metal.
Arkona An eternal curse of the pagan godz tape The beginnings of Polish Arkona, great demo!
Arkona Lunaris tape New album!
An Blood / Evil Ancient empire split tape
Ars Macabra / Cosmic Ekpyrosis Nil sine deo split tape
Aska Där vanvett gror tape Awesome lofi Swedish black metal, reminding a bit of a fast Ildjarn. Recommended!
Astrofaes ...those, whose past is immortal tape Re-stock of their latest album so far. 7 tracks, over 50 minutes of slavic pagan black metal. The original typical slavic influences are still present, but overall the band has grown to a more diverse sound. Recommended to fans of for example Drudkh!
Astaroth Dead moon tape Teutonic Satan strikes again with this ultra lo-fi and extreme Australian attack.
Austere To lay like old ashes tape
Austere / Lyrinx Split tape Austere: more dreamy, slow and epic black metal. Lyrinx: more or less the same.
Austerity Perpetua nox dormienda est tape Collection of four funeral doom / ambient songs, all with different production which is a bit of a mood-killer, but the songs on itself are very good!
Axiom Defiant heathen spirit tape Aggressive black metal with symphonic influences, like Limbonic Art and a bit of Mysticum! Includes a uniquely done Mayhem cover.
Azel's Mountain Self titled tape Raw heathen black metal from Poland, sounding like a more aggressive version of old Hades. Very good! Sample: http://youtu.be/r6LYzHKsJJI

Befoul At the devil's mass tape Extremely noisy, primitive and rough black metal, from the Unholy Crucifix guy. An underground gem of fanatics of Ildjarn and so.
Bersatott Prepare for war tape Rocking black/thrash metal, like Craft, new Satyricon. Well performed, no bedroomshit here.
Besiect Heidenlärm tape Click here for more info about this release. Old school rough, primitive and harsh black metal like old Gorgoroth. Pre-Krocht, though not quite so melodic as Krocht went to be. Besiect was also vocalist on the first Krocht demo. Released spring 2011 in a limited edition of 150 handnumbered copies.
Bilskirnir / Hunok Allied by heathen blood tape Tapeversion of this recent split 7".
Bilskirnir / Evil German-southern brotherhood split tape
Bilskirnir Totenheer tape
Black Circle Behold my visions and wisdom tape I re-stocked both tapes because this is fucking good. French black metal in the style of old Judas Iscariot, especially "Of great eternity" and "Distant..." album. Including semi-sloppy way of execution and typical riffs with single notes - primitive and primordial but pure and dark grim black metal. Recommended for fanatics who can not get enough of this style (like me)!
Black Circle The distant wind tape Idem. This one is a bit better in my opinion.
Black Dementia Dictum of negation tape Thrashier version of Angelcorpse and Abominator, good stuff AAAAAAAARRGGHHH! Modern, clean production, but not necessarily in a bad way.
Black Silence Into the lightless depths tape Raw raging black metal from Oztralia. Riffs remind me of Seigneur Voland / Chemin De Haine. Good!
Blackdeath Fanatical tape One more their old stuff was re-released by Heidens Hart. The rehearsal tape 'Fanatical' – previously released only through the impossible to find limited red vinyl by Niessedrion Records back in 2007 and featuring with Blackdeath's first recording after returning to the full line-up – is now available through the label. The tape contains also a bonus track, a rehearsal version of “Der nukleare Wojwode” recorded in 2009.
Blodulv Diatribe tape Misanthropic Swedish black metal. This was an upcoming band in the 00s but dissapeared after just a few years. Even today this stands out, could be described as a mix of Megiddo and Ildjarn. Harsh and primitive!
Blood Of Kingu The occulta philosophy tape Members of Drudkh playing the exact same music, and with the same production, but faster.
Blood Of The Moon Remnants of forgotten past... tape Good lo-fi black metal. Compilation of demorecordings on one tape.
Bloody Sign Explosion of elements tape Brutal French death metal on Ibex Moon Records (label from Incantion).
Bloody Lair Behind the gates of terror tape
Branstock Branstock tape Tape-edition of their 2006 MCD, compiling songs previously released on split 7" with Nordreich and Sadorass, as well as new songs exclusively for this release. Previously released on cd by Raging Bloodlust and HH.
Bustum Demonic awakening tape

Caed Dhu W mroku gwiazd... tape Brutal and old school raw black metal from Poland, mostly fast and uptempo. This demo has real underground aggression, something that was lacking in many Polisch bands nowadays, recalling the early days of Samael, Alastis and Ancient Rites.
Caed Dhu Tedd deireadh tape Second tape, released by Tour De Garde and Werewolf Promotion. This is more uptempo and melodic stuff with some folky melodies, bit like a mix of old and new Gontyna Kry and Venedae! Like this one a lot.
Calth Towards the first blasphemy tape Primitive black metal from Bulgaria.
Caput Mortuum His sombre wrath tape
Celestia Frigidiis apotheosia abstinencia genesiis tape Ethereal black metal in typical Celestia style. Minor and dissonant melodies. This album has the Xasthur guy on keyboards.
Celestia Delh˙s-cätess tape
Christs Nails Demos 1992-1996 tape Re-stock! This tape contains their three official demos, "Christs nails" (1992), "Gospel" (1995) and "Personae non grata" (1996). Created in late 80s, this mysterious band played insane, twisted music based primarily on classical piano, keyboard and unholy whispers. Very dark and grim atmospheres (ask for lyrics-sheet).
Ciel Nocturne Derničre salve tape Raw and traditional black metal from France, for fanatics of Peste Noire first album!
Contamino Mother nature gased tape Raw Swedish black metal. Demo released before the split with Arckanum.
Countess Into battle tape €5 Live album originally to be released in 1996 but never saw the light of day! The album floated through the tape trading circuit since then, but to coincide with the Countess / Barathrum / Blackdeath tour, it's finally released on a pro cassette tape. Killer recording on 24 tracks including all the early-day classics from this Dutch cult horde!
Crucifixion Wounds Profanation of the crucified tape As should be known by now, primitive old school black metal in the style of Blasphemy and Profanatica.
Cthulhu Biomechanical Es ist kalt hier tape Exclusive and limited tape edition of this album. Weird melodic electronic music from BlackDeath members.

Dark Ages Rabble, whores, usurers tape
Dark Ages / From The Bogs Of Aughiska split tape
Dark Fury The price of treason tape
Dark Fury Synningthwait tape
Dark Storm Four Lucan emperors tape Re-stock of official and original 1996 Pussy God Records tape.
Darkthule Wolforder tape Great old style drumcomputer black metal. Primitive, chaotic and aggressive.
Darkthule Beyond the endless horizons tape
Darkthule / Massenvernichtung split tape
Dead Inside Dead inside tape "Rocking" black metal featuring Lugubrum member, ex-Paragon Impure/Grimfaug member.
Demonium Monolith tape Coldvoid black metal.... recordings from winter 2002... This projekt features members from Haemoth and is more or less in the same vein!
Demonium Doktrine tape Idem. Totally rare tapes.
Desaster Divine blasphemies tape Mandatory release of black/thrash metal attack, no more words needed.
Desaster Angelwhore tape
Desastrious Loekr inn Niflheim tape Click here for more info about this release. Violent and primitive terrorist black metal, totally raw and ugly with strange croaked vocals. Great reissue of this classic USBM document from 1997, one of the most hated and at the same time underrated American black metal projekts. Contains also the 'Necroanal ceremonium' demo. Released on pro tape, limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Descending Darkness Seelenruhe tape Debut full-length finally unleashed, after this Austrian horde has been into existence more then ten years. Expect violent and crushing old school black metal with parts that could have been on any old Spear Of Longinus album. Insane and ugly! Includes ex-member of Obscure Anachronism. Released spring 2011.
Dethroned Christ Roots of ancient evil tape
Dethroned Christ / Evil / Hammergoat Unholy trinity tape Three-way split.
Dodenkrocht A veneration of the dead tape €4 The audial ectoplasmic summoning by Dodenkrocht at this years Veneration Of The Dead was captured in human shape - their ethereal forms manifested in one of our personal highlights of the seance... This materialization of spiritual death will now be cast in prima materia - its vessel, a haunted black cassette tape limited to one hundred appearances only.
Dogman In torment I die tape
Dominus Ira Ferocia animi tape
Dopamine s/t tape Re-stock! Dreamy stuff from China! Bit like Alcest, but good.
Dross Delnoch Demo tape
Dub Buk Rus abov all! tape Re-stock of old tape edition! Both Dub Buk tapes are rare and out of print Kolovorot editions.
Dub Buk Taking you on! tape Idem. This one is my personal favourite Dub Buk material. Majestic and aggressive, typical for this style. Highly recommended!
Dunkelheit / Wacht split tape Dunkelheit: great traditional black metal, like old Burzum but with more faster parts. Wacht: Austrian black metal.
Dusken Pyrimanes tape Click here for more info about this release. Dionisyck black metal.

Elderblood Son of the morning tape
Elfenbloed Voor den eer van ons geschied... tape Re-stock! Proud fast black metal music from Flanders from ex-Kwelhekse member. Last change to get these original tape editions before the LP re-release.
Elitism L'odeur des déportés tape Hateful French black metal.
Emit Spectre music of an antiquary tape New material of Emit after a couple of years of silence. Dark ambient in the style of Lustmord, Sekt, raison d'etre and even Aghast and Abruptum here and there.
Empire Of Hate / Morthond split tape Click here for more info about this release. Long awaited but finally released during the last dark days of 2003. Both bands play the purest black metal. Empire Of Hate contributes five tracks, which are the band's first ones to see the dead of the night. These morbid songs will appeal to those who like Mütiilation and Maniac Butcher with it's dissonant riffs and insane and extremely hateful vocals. Morthond's tracks are previously released as "Somber Deathwinds" cdr, by Profane Productions in the early days of 2003. Their music carries the freezing cold atmosphere of the old Darkthrone releases to new, haunting levels, through the use of keyboards and sickened and tortured vocals.
Ende Whispers of a dying earth tape €8 Sorry for the price of these tapes, expensive American import.
Ende The rebirth of I tape €8
Ende Emën etan tape €8
Ende Goétie funeste tape €8
Eole Noir Eole noir tape New, selftitled mini album showing the true face of Eole Noir. One lengthy track of fast but melancholic black metal despair as should be known from them, minimal production but this time with vocals, followed by one dreamy acoustic track.
Eterna Penumbra Nuestra vacía excistencia tape Good Spanish black metal.
Eternal Majesty Unholy chants of evil tape Very good old French black metal.
Evil / Drowning The Light A reflection of the past / Where the sun was never born split tape
Evil Ashes of old tape
Evil Hammerstorm tape Magnificient first official full length album from this infamous Brazilian black metal hammer! Bambastic and warlike black metal burning with southern warriors hateful fire and devotion against this world. This is the tape version from the album CD on Werewolf Records!
Evil To the fallen and free tape
Evilwinged Crush the human factor tape Fast and raw anti-human black metal from eastern Russia. Primitive upon quick listening, but actually wellwritten with great dissonant riffs. Rotten and disgusting, one of the flagbearers from true Russian underground.
Evilwinged Avatars of Satan tape FINALLY some new work of one of Russia's most anti-promising anti-music project, together with Spitehowling. Same style as other tape.

F.A.M.A.S. ...est imperare orbi universo... tape Chaotic and aggressive black metal from circles of Cantus Bestiae, Christicide, and so. Sounds a bit like very old Ad Hominem!
Flame Of War Transcendence tape
Flame Of War Long live death! tape
Flammentod s/t tape
Folcriht Law of sacred ancestors tape Mystical and ethereal ambient synth music from England. Somewhere in between what Dark Dungeon Music and Blęme Euryale Records were releasing about 20 years ago.
Folkvang World of wisdom tape
Folteraar Vertellingen van een donkere eeuw tape Tape edition of the album.
Fremdreich Immer und immer wieder tape Pro tape, fucked up French black metal.
Funeral Winds Sinister creed tape €6,66 Totally violent and traditional black metal.
Funerary Call Unearthed tape Born in early 90s. (Re)discover their old material: this tape gathers their 2nd demo + the 2 EPs; dark ritualistic sounds and intense industrial ambient, a masterpiece of horror and pain.

Gassturm Zeitenschlacht tape Primitive German snbm like old Heldentum and Absurd.
Geimhre Noidagh tape Vinlandic pagan black metal remiming a bit of old Nargaroth and Satanic Warmaster.
Gevlerkt Vermolmd tape €5
Gheestenland / Terdor Split tape
Gillingr Amsvartner tape Melodic black metal with small viking-themed influences. Guitars remind me a bit of first Dimmu Borgir album.
Godsamme Godsamme tape Compilation of old stuff.
Gonfanon / Zuarasiz Whispering swords in the forest's darkness split tape
Gontyna Kry Na pohybel chrzescijanstwu tape €5 Re-stock! Collection of the 1997/1998 demo "Welowie" and and the 1996 demo "Oblicza". "Welowie" is a classic of course, and "Oblicza..." is much more primitive in sound.
Gontyna Kry Krew naszych djców tape Majestic Polish black metal!
Gontyna Kry The blood of our fathers tape
Grab Plague... tape
Grift Twisted paradigm of light tape Misanthropic and maniacal Luciferian black metal.
Grift Fyra elegier tape Swedish black metal like old Dodheimsgard. Main man is also in Orcivus and Arfsynd.
Grimwod Humanities last judgement tape Black metal.

Hamergilde Weerwolf tape Dutch black metal true to the old traditions. Fierce folkish melodies performed with iron will, in the spirit of those well known European hordes. Full length tape, 40 minutes playing time. Includes Countess cover.
Hate Forest The gates tape
Hate Forest Resistance tape There it is, re-stock from tape EP. My favourite material from Hate Forest. Two bestial black/death tracks.
Hate Forest Dead but dreaming tape Collection of rare tracks.
Hateful Hatred heritage tape
Hateful Abandon Never-ending black torrent of death tape Slow and raw filthy black metal.
Hatred Rites The ugliest happening of 2013 tape
Heidenblut Fire walk with me tape Pagan black metal reminding me a bit of Capricornus.
Hekate Darkness enshrouds all rays of hope tape
Hekate The wolfshadows tape Old primitive black metal demo from deepest Polish underground from 1996.
Hell Icon The dark part I tape Black noise not unlike Abruptum. Sick and evil.
Hell Icon In umbra spectare magnificentia tuus et obedientia me pronuntiam tape Total Abruptum worship from these Dutch maniacs. Possibly even more minimalstic and definately more fucked up then Abruptum, just bleak sounds, feedback and insane vocals...
Hellewijt Leviathan anno 1666 tape Under a blood red moon, the Jeneever infested typhoid plague will be spread widely across the seas and land of this miserable earth. Jenever fueled hatred from the lowlands and sea will reign once again and can be heard in the composition of “LEVIATHAN ANNO 1666”.
Heretic Black metal holocaust tape Legendary debut, influenced by old Barathrum and Beherit. Pure Satan metal.
Heretic Devilworshipper tape Horrible and brutal stuff on their second album.
Heretic Gods over humans, slaves under Satan tape
Hinder Doodendraad tape Raw black metal.
Hiver Noir From the dead times of depression tape
Honos Aquilae / Wschód Foedvs avreae libertaties split tape
Horna Vuohipaimen tape
Hromovlad / Slavigrom Perperuna tape Two Slavic pagan black metal bands unite. Hromovlad plays folky black metal not unlike Temnozor, including good melancholic flute melodies and clean vocals. I was not familiar with this band but it's a very pleasant surprise - they manage to have plenty of folk influences in their music without sounding happy. Slavigrom is less folky, more straight forward black metal, perhaps reminding a bit of old Inferno.
Hromovlad Vládca lesov, skalných stien tape Majestic black metal with awesome folk elements drowned in lyrics about the power of the nature.
Hunok A mag lčtčnek egyensůlya tape Three tracks, 17 minutes of pagan ambient, reminding me of old Dead Can Dance stuff.
Hunok Megrendíthetetlenség tape Pure worship of old Graveland, "Carpathian wolves"-era! After years of struggle Hunok's long awaited debut full length debut album is unleashed at last! This raw black metal horizon will catapult you back to the glorious age of the early and mid nineties Polish black metal shrine. Mandatory for the Temple of Fullmoon devotees.

Ibex Angel Order I tape Dutch black metal, formerly known as Funeral Goat. Primitive Satanic black metal in the style of mighty Von.
Ignis Uranium Azimuth nucremeron frequency tape Finally a proper debut album of radiant storm Ignis Uranium! Obscure and occult black/war metal, but quite technical and almost avantgarde structures, so FAR from all boring Blasphemy clones.
Ildra Eđelland tape Authentic and organic pagan Anglo Saxon black metal alternated with short folk parts performed on traditional instruments. The result is a remarkably unique album filled with melodic and furious hymns and provoking and commanding rhythms and vocals, topped with one of the most epic, dynamic and bombastic productions since "Hammerheart".
Illum Adora Unchained from slavery tape New German black metal project, sounding old school like first Desaster album.
Immemorial Celtic Wind Call from the anciept past '94-'95 tape Two old demos on one tape. Old Polish black metal with garage rehearsal sound, just as I love it!
Infernal Desecration His kingdom has risen tape Managed to locate some copies of this old Heidens Hart / Black Bunker release! Infernal Desecration was short-lived project including Detonator666 members. Expect old school christcrushing black metal. On this only demo you can expect three pure and aggressive black metal songs + intro.
Inferno Peklo na zemi tape Inferno's first demo from 1996, re-released on tape by Night Birds Records.
Inferno Temna pselstvi davnych predku tape Second demo from 1997. Both these old demos show aggressive Inferno as we know them. Biggest difference is bit use of keyboards, giving them a Slavic touch in sound.
Inferno Fucking funeral attack tape Restock. This tape collects material from all (split) 7" from horde Inferno between 1997 and 2004. A must-have!
Inferno Uctívání temné zurivosti tape New album from 2008
Inferno / Naburus Through the shadow of deadly sparks split tape Inferno provides two tracks which previously appeared on split 7"s with Front Beast and Tundra; Naburus contributes two tracks of old school Czech black metal.
Inferno Uctiváni temné zurivosti tape
Inferno Omniabsence filled by his greatness tape New album - completely new lineup so musically very different than the previous stuff. Expect a more modern sound with some psychedelic influences. Very good!
Isolation Hier am Ende der Welt tape Re-stock of all three Isolation tapes. Dark black metal from the north of Germany.
Isolation Striding on the path of nihil tape Depressive yet powerful German black metal with a funeral doom edge, in the vein of early Bethlehem, highly recommended!
Isolation A prayer for the world to end tape Isolation is another one of the bands that fuses doom and black metal with great results. Incredible composition and production with some truly tortured vocals (think Silencer).

Kailash Kailash tape "The self-titled debut album by the Italian avantgarde black metal band Kailash first saw the light of day in 2006 and a year later Paradigms Recordings from England printed a limited run of professional cds. Drawing influences from (progressive) rock and metal, black metal and even classical music Kailash brew their very own brand of modern extreme metal. Seldomly I have heard blastbeats and harsh vocals melt so perfectly together with jazzy, progressive moments, which even feature the use of a saxophone. Forget all those bands who try to pump every possible element into their metal and end up either like a sampler or a teenager's drug experiment gone wrong. This very band doesn't sound anything like that. While Kailash reminded me instantly of Ved Buens Ende and also of later Ulver or Code, it is a miracle to me, why this release didn't get more of the attention it deserves in my opinion. A must for everyone who consideres himself a fan of modern black metal with intelligent arrangements and progressive elements!"
KBM Katharos tape Two lengthy tracks of droning, unhuman, ritual dark metal, alternating between obscure bleak soundscapes and aggressive, hypnotizing fast parts. Overall quite minimal and monotonous in it's execution, yet very very epic, original and intense material. These are not just two songs, but the soundtrack to a black hole doing it's job of sucking in all matter and energy, leaving nothing but utter void. A comparison is impossible, but personally, the only thing which it could remind me of just slightly, is a more expressionistic (old) Secrets Of The Moon and perhaps 'Drawing down the moon'.
Kilte Absence tape Old Belgian doomy black metal from members who would later join Hypothermia, Monads, etc.
Kladovest Kladovest tape
Kladovest Escape in melancholy tape
Korgonthurus Korgonthurus tape Limited edition of 100 copies only. Finnish black metal.
Korgull The Exterminator War of the voivodes tape Chaotic primitive black metal, noisy stuff!
Kraftheim Ein guter Tag zum sterben tape German pagan viking rock in Swedish style, like Ultima Thule. Highly recommended!
Kroda Live in Lemberg tape
Krypteia Hellenic martial virtue tape Re-stock of Greek snbm sturmdivision.
Kult Ofenzivy Nauky ruznic / Radikální ateismus - Tvurcum Nadcloveka tape Two albums on a single cassette. Unrelenting, intolerant and extreme raw black metal from the Czech Republik. Motivated by traditionalist philosophy, the atmosphere of this album can described as a radical declaration of hatred channeled througha focused and violent form of black metal. Kult Ofenzivy takes the Czech sound and imues within it a more sinister and merciless energy that solidifies this album as paramount to extreme and evil music. The pro-cassette includes a folded A4 cover and lyrics in English.

Laurarena s/t tape This description probably sucks but I'll try anyway: minimalistic compositions with piano/synths and female vocals, which could appeal to listeners of Tori Amos, Björk, Devil Doll.
Lechia / Archandrja Straznicy aryjskiej krwi tape Two tradition Polish pagan black metal bands from Poland featuring Venedae and Gontyna Kry members!!
Leraje Saturni Satanas tape GREAT German black metal.
Licht Erlischt Bergmanden / Pfade aus dem Leben tape Re-stock of this tape, this time the new edition done by Insomnia with pro-covers. Slow hypnotic black metal reminding of later Regnum, but more monotonous.
Lord Wind Ales stenar tape New album! Full album of Graveland intro's.
Lucifugum Gates of Nocticula tape
Lucifugum The supreme art of genocide tape The latest album of shrill black metal attack.
Lucifugum Involtation tape Already the 12th full-length of this Ukranian duo. Pure negativity... ANTI.
Lucifugum Sectane Satani tape Nothing new, same style.
Lucifugum Acme adeptum tape Again a new album. Again the sound is very shrill and uncomfortable, but if you listen through it, you will notice again good riffs in typical Lucifugum style.
Lutomysl The challenge tape Original 2002 demo. Sick and hysterical black metal.

Malcuidant L'hymne de la ghilde tape Re-stock! Very well executed sharp black metal from France, now signed to Drakkar Productions. Really good riffs. Original tape from 2005 released by War Productions / Total Holocaust.
Malhkebre In his name tape Four messages of black proselytism resulting from reflections about Nothingness and Final Salvation, destined to glorify the Unique and to remind you how unfathomable His splendour is.
Maniac Butcher Barbarians tape Re-stock of ALL Maniac Butcher tapes, original first editions.
Maniac Butcher Lucan - antikrist tape
Maniac Butcher Krvestreb tape
Maniac Butcher Invaze tape
Maniac Butcher Epitaph (the final onslaught of Maniac Butcher) tape
Marblebog Live in Chicago tape
Marblebog / Vorkuta Wanderings split tape One lengthy track from each band. Marblebog one good track, bit faster than usual style. Vorkuta is primitive black metal reminding a bit of Profanatica, though also with some melodic riffs.
Metalucifer Heavy metal hunting 1995-2005 tape
Misanthropic Art Homicides tape Primitive, chaotic and violent black metal influenced by Mysticum.
Moonreich Zoon politikon tape Fast and raw black metal from France.
Morannon ...The last days tape Pure black metal in the style of old Enslaved, recommended!
Morbidlands Hail the dying star tape Quite typical one-man band black metal output, but above average guitarmelodies make this not bad really! Reminds a bit of uptempo version of Lugubre.
Mordaehoth Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart tape Click here for more info about this release. The return out of the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands. Carved, bunt and built over years, ultimate grim pagan black metal. Pro-printed, high quality tapes, full-colour glossy laminated printwork, limited and handnumbered to 300 copies.
Mordaehoth Limburgian pagan madness tape The oldest Dutch pagan black metal show a colder and harsher return to the roots of pagan black metal. Re-recorded unreleased songs, as a tribute to the old European pagan black metal sound!
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico Ignis tape Wellwritten Italian black metal, good melodies and nice rehearsal sound! Scandinavian-style riffs, bit like Isvind.
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico Alle frontiere dell'Anima tape
Myself / Maximum Perversum C.3 split tape
Myself / Maximum Perversum C.5 tape Part 5 is finally here. Limited to 100 copies. "Long lost split tape wich was supposed to be released by another label years ago, took years to get the master back . Perhaps the "best" Myself tracks ever done but be warned it's still sounding as it was before, out of the rythm, harsh and insane! Maximum perversum sounds exactly as before! Both have also couple (2-3 each) tracks included from previous tapes, each project has 22-23min of material on here. Stickered tapes with stamped name's. Xerox numbered covers."
Murw Murw tape Really wellwritten melodic yet raw black metal which I highly recommend to fans of Ved Buens Ende and stuff in that style!

Nazxul Black seed tape Fast Australian black metal with keyboards, have been compared with Emperor often. Official tapeversions.
Nazxul Totem tape Idem.
Necrohell Under the sign of a pagan winter tape First full-length from this Greek band. Killer old school attitude like Darkthrone.
Necroplasma X corona bestia vox vocis tape Chaotic old school brutal totally necro black metal like old Mayhem. The tape contains studiotracks as well as 8 rehearsaltracks.
Necroplasma Sit gloria domini in saeculum tape
Nefastt La malignité des astres tape French black metal, wellwritten, diverse and sick. Awesome!
Nergal The wizard of Nerath tape Legendary Greek black metal album.
Nezhnegol Ot serdtsa k solntsu tape
Niedergang Niedergang tape Almost one hour of obscure black metal from the deepest Hungarian underground... Compilation of two demo tapes. For fans of Hunok! Includes covers from Ildjarn and the mighty Judas Iscariot.
Nihasa / drooling the light / Possession Ritual Split tape Nihasa: one awesome track reminding of Nehemah. dtl: haha. Possession Ritual: Has Greek sound to it, good.
Nitberg Donner wetter donner wyrd tape Epic folk black metal in pure old Russian tradition: highly aggressive, primitive and hateful. Recommended!
Nokturne Kruelty kampaign tape Fast usbm ATTACK, bit like last couple of Enthroned albums. Good and aggressive stuff!
Nokturne Embracer of dark ages tape
Nordreich Am Hünengrab tape Restock.
Nordreich Promo 2006 tape Four songs from the upcoming new album. Typical Nordreich sound is luckily still there, but production has improved a bit and more keyboards have been added.
Nordreich ...und es bleibt nur Aas tape Most recent album, in my opinion also his best! Again much thought has gone into both song writing as well as overall production, with amazing result. The songs are his most diverse and best yet. Amazing melodies in typical Nordreich style, yet plenty signs of progression. This band should be huge!
Nordreich Verschlungene Pfade + bonus tape The album + 8 bonus tracks taken from several splits. Underrated German band!
Nordreich Am Hünengrab + Auf heimischen Pfaden tape The demo + the album on one tape.
Norns Pazuzu tape
North Korona tape A classic of Polish metal, now released on tape.
North / Gromowladny Lechia, slawia, aria split tape
Nu Is Alles Anders Het eeuwige leven tape Hypnotic and monotonous black metal, that is not necessarily minimalistic. Often close to ten guitarparts are layered to create riffs without clear beginning and ending, into an almost cacophonous whole, but still vast and epic as the cosmos itself. Escapism put in music - listen to this and ascend into total darkness and let nothing but the stars show your way. No keyboards, no drumcomputers, no artificiality, no humans. Totally original music, like most of the HH releases, but this could appeal to fans of Burzum, Diaboli, Raate, Austere, Walknut, The Ruins Of Beverast, Nyktalgia, Nightbringer, Öde, etc.
Nuit Noire Lunar deflagration tape Pro tape edition of this cult album.

Ohtar / Moontower split tape
Oppressive Melancholy I tape An interesting and strong new band. Bleak and harsh with some experimenting.
Oppressive Melancholy Kurkotus mielen totaaliin tape In the Finnish tradition of weird-sounding black metal.
Order Of The Death's Head Soldat inconnu tape Classic French black metal in the style of Seigneur Voland. Killer riffs! This album has a couple of more slower passages.
Order Of The Death's Head Sous le signe de Thulé tape
Order Of The White Hand Pagan victory tape Raw pagan black metal.
Orlog Reinigende feuer tape

Pagan The last circle of the abyss... to the coming tape
Pagan Monument of depression tape Last copy!
Pagan Hellfire Solidarity tape
Pagan Hellfire Spirit of blood and struggle tape
Pagan Hellfire On the path to triumph CD Finally a new album after the amazing "Solidarity". Wellknown sound and style of riffs is still here. Recommended album!
Pantheon Vargrstrike tape
Panzerfaust Last breath before funeral tape
Pest Vado mori tape Amazing album of German black metal with hysterical voices.
Pillar Tombs Of Aku s/t tape
Piorun Stajemy jak djce tape
Pogavranjen Raspored uzasa tape
Postumus Adversus vos tape Crazy stuff like Abruptum meets Sadistik Exekution!!!
Primordial Massacre The law of club and mace tape Punishing and chaotic black/death metal barbarism.
Profectum Iri Sic transit gloria inclusi tape Black metal / noise / ambient inspired by Emit.
Profezia The truth of ages tape International calaboration of morbid orchestral black metal with a sinister atmosphere. Haunting violins, anguished vocals and pure bewitching darkness!
Pyre Totalitarian tape Fast and devastating US black metal (not to be confused with the German one). Includes a Spear Of Longinus cover.

Ravencult Armageddon rising tape Good thrashing black metal from Greece. DIY cover.
Raven Dark Autumn roar tape Russian black metal in the primitive BBH tradition. Monotonous and hypnotizing. Primitive and sloppy. As it should be. "Enraptured by the Song of the Battles, Raven draws the Runes of Pride in the Twilight Sky. From the years of past the hordes gather to terrify the world with the true face of the Russian Black Metal."
Ravenmoon Sanctuary Winter desolation of death tape Debut album of raw and atmospheric Black Metal from Poland, with Grimspirit’s majestic ambience enthroning the bleak wanderings of Wened and Colder. Pro-cassette and pro-cover limited to 180 copies.
Ravnheim / Cryptal Spectres Split tape
Regnum Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes tape Click here for more info about this release. Uncomfortable black metal.
Regnum Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes special tape + patch €8 Click here for more info about this release. Uncomfortable black metal.
Regnum Totenweihe tape Second in the line of Regnum re-releases. This time as self-financed by the band, comes on pro-tape. One of the demos that shaped Regnum!
Rein s/t tape French black metal in the style of old Hate Forest, also with French lyrics.
Reiziger / Alruin Hertovenarij split tape

Saltus Symbols of forefathers / Inexploratus Saltus tape
Saltus Imperium slonca tape Polish pagan black metal.
Saltus Triumf tape
Sartegos As fontes do negrume tape Killer bestial death metal from Spain! Like Necros Christos with a hint of old Greek sound. Recommended tape!
Sathanas Flesh for the devil tape Old school cult death metal.
Seeds Of Hate Persecution of christian filth tape Great album, awesome stuff reminding a bit of old Judas Iscariot. This debut is a personal classic of me!
Seedsaw And the singing larvae tape Psychedelic, cacophonous new wave / metal Crowley-occultism. New demotape from Spiderpact member Juho Goatspeed. Perhaps for fans of Ved Buens Ende and Joy Division.
Seges Findere Death to peace is our gospel tape Machinegun-like primitive black metal with extreme vokillz.
Sekhmet Masová ocista cloveka tape Mass catharsis of man begins with old school Czech black metal.
Sekhmet / Evil Dead - 'Victims of the cult' split tape Sekhmet: Fast Czech black metal, killer! Evil dead: Fast, raw and destructive Czech black/war metal, includes a cover of Emperors "Night of the graveless souls".
Sekhmet - 'Pomsta pekených legií' tape Satanic black metal from Czech, with true old Czech sound like Inferno, etc...
Sekt Unhealthcare tape Click here for more info about this release. Truly disturbed dark ambient from Sweden, style of old raison d'etre, Lustmord and Puissance. Recommended.
Severe Storm Ragnarok tape
Severe Storm / Slavecrushing Tyrant We will drown the dawn in blood split tape
Sexual Predator American nightmare tape Black metal version of Mortician.
Silva Nigra Cerný kult tape Re-stock. Pure black metal.
Skeeltron Waldgeist tape Eerie and cold German black metal. German underground black metal lives... This tape ranks among obscure classics like Mjölnir and Celticmoon!
Skogen Vittra tape A new project from Sweden (not to be confused with the Polish one). Pagan/viking black metal in pure Scandinavian style of Kampfar, Windir, first Enslaved, and a bit of Primordial, though a bit more midtempo passages and more melancholic atmosphere. A very positive surprise!
Spearhead Deathless steel command tape Re-stock of UK brutal black/death metal.
SS-18 The walls become clenched... tape Seriously fucked up Russian industrial black metal.
Stygian Temple In the sign of the five angles tape This 41 minutes opus is driven by pure Satanic fanaticism transforming into a menacing void of cold and atmospheric black metal. For us and those capable to perceive, these six cathartic incantations crawn and unfurl in the very essence of fundamentalist devil worship.
Styxian Industries Zero void nullified (of apathy and armageddon) tape
Sunwheel Monuments of the elder faith tape Excellent old Polish black metal.
Sunwheel Prophecies of a moon tape
Supplicium Atrae poenae tape Following the modern approach of "religious black metal", so it's nothing really orginal. However I think there is a aggressive drive behind the songs, the riffs and production are good, and should appeal to fans of Glorior Belli and so.
Surrender Of Divinity Oriental hell rhythmics tape
Svarga Symbol of the will tape
Svarga Yav arising tape
Svart Daa allt upphor tape Melancholic and evil black metal from Sweden, like Silencer and old Shining.
Szron Pure Slavonic blasphemy + Cult of death reh. '02 tape Polish underground lives... Compilation of material, almost one hour playing time, for devotees of unholy Polish black metal.

Tarnkappe Tussen hun en de zon tape
Tartaros Darkened destiny tape Dark, midtempo black metal from The Netherlands, originally recorded at the end of the 90s. Released by Damnation Records only on vinyl LP format in 2001, this is a totally underrated Dutch cult album which stayed hard to find. Now it's finally resurrected on tape (Heidens Hart Records) and CD (New Era Productions). Audio imperfections from the original audio master have not been fixed digitally! Tape is limited to 100 handnumbered pro cassettes with pro printed inlay containing lyrics, photos and front cover slightly reworked as it was meant to have been. A must for fanatics of Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, old Carpathian Forest and Funeral Winds.
Temnozor Twilights at the winter funeral tape Live at the Winter Funeral festival (Moscow 04.04.2009), 12 songs (4 of them from the new "Haunted Dreamscapes" album), with 24-tracks pro-sound, remixed in the studio. AMAZING!!
Terrorama Horrid efface tape Really excellent old school black/thrash!!
The Spawn Of Satan Discography tape Incantation member, but quite different music: pure old school US death metal, bit like Acheron and Nunslaughter.
Theudho De roep van het woud tape €5 Fifth full length album of epic and melodic pagan black metal! Easily the bands' best output to date. Monumental and epic song writing, with a focus on memorable melodies. Recommended to those into Ancient Rites, Forefather, Falkenbach and of course Bathory!
Theudho De roep van het woud tape + tshirt bundle €17,50 The new album bundled with the new t-shirt. Specify shirt size with your order.
Thor's Hammer The fate worse than death tape New tape edition with two unreleased bonus tracks.
Thunder Marchando sobre o gelo tape Includes Bilskirnir and Graveland covers.
Thunderbolt The sons of the darkness tape Blasting machinegun attack of black metal.
Todesstoß Spiegel der Urangste tape €4 An older release from Todesstoß, now for the first time on cassette. Style should be known. Comes with big A4 inlay and one unreleased track.
Toil Obscure chasms tape Old school usbm with a more modern sound. Member of Leviathan/Lurker Of Chalice.
Total Genocide / Vätfer split 1 tape "TG known for their bestial black metal chaos deliver here their usual style but this time we hear loud screaming vocals instead of the growl's of Hell wich we are used to. Filthy as before but even more aggressive sounding! VF, short tracks sounding as harsh as noise should be but spilling forth Ildjarn worship in an even more primitive form. Stickered tapes with stamped name's. Xerox numbered covers."
Totenburg Endzeit tape
Transylvania As the wicked prospect tape
Trepanation s/t tape
Two Runes Herää Eurooppa! tape Finnish nationalistic pagan black metal in the style of Bathory but more primitive.

Unclean Ten, ktery se vyhyba svetlu tape Re-release tape by Night Birds Records. Old Czech black metal in the style of old Master's Hammer.
Unholy Archangel Blessed by war tape First new material since years, in exact same Unholy Archangel style! Raw primitive sound, violence and brutality!
Urge Solution of my agony tape New band from Azazal, the previous Inferno guitarplayer.
Usurper Diabolosis tape
Usurper Threshold of the usurper tape
Usurper Skeletal season tape

Varathron Genesis of apocryphal desire tape Collection of "Procreation..." demo, "Genesis..." demo, "One step..." 7" and three unreleased tracks.
Vargleide When only ashes and scorched earth are left behind tape Bbh cult.
Veil Sombre tape Midtempo black metal like 'Filosofem' but more dreamy and monotonous. Recommended!
Velimor Rujan tape First demo of the Russian Pagan Black Metal band Velimor, recorded in 2001. This is the first press of the demo, released on tape by Stellar Winter Records.
Velimor Ancestry tape Fierce slavic pagan metal, good stuff except the horrible out-of-tune flute.
Venedae Dekada slowianskiej supremacji 1993-2003 tape Re-recorded old and new songs from this killer black/folk metal project.
Venedae / Archandrja Miecze rujewita ponad falami baltyku split tape Both bands contribute previously unreleased material, including a Sodom cover by Venedae (yes you read it correct) and tracks from '98 and '99.
Vinterriket - 'Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit tape
Vinterriket ...durch neblige Wälder tape
Vinterriket / Northaunt split tape
Vinterriket / Orodruin split tape Orodruin contributes three tracks + intro and outro of primitive Tolkien worshipping black metal. For fanatics of Gorugoth, Summoning. Style of the classic 7". Vinterriket should be known.
Vivus Humare Einkehr tape "Archaic black metal wandering through various sonic catacombs. A starling work of shadow-draped mystery.""
Vond Selvmord tape €7 Now available on cassette format for the very first time. Dark and sinister dungeon synth; a thematic album that deals with the topic of death and has a fittingly twisted atmosphere and arguably the most bombastic and epic closing to any album. Pro-duplicated and printed cassette, factory sealed and in good tradition, comes with a razor blade.

Wallachia Ceremony of ascension tape
Wallachia From behind the light tape
Wallachia Wallachia tape
Warhammer No beast so fierce tape
Weltbrand The cloud of retaliation tape Militant and nihilistic nuclear black metal.
Widder First journey tape Four tracks of doomed black/ambient metal, alternating passages of mystical, dream-like soundscapes and bone chilling riffs that cut like icy glaciers through solid rocks. The ultimate atmosphere of majestical ambient black metal opens... "The air vibrates with anticipation as the hidden nature of all things slowly unfolds itself" Comes on single sided cassette with handmade drawing, and special cardboard cover in an edition of 100 handnumbered copies.
Widergeist Storm of thoughts tape Pre-Irrwisch.
Wigrid Die Asche eines Lebens tape Burzum clone, but sounds nice.
Wilk Hammer of hate tape Old Polish black metal reminding a bit of OLD Lucifugum and OLD Nokturnal Mortum; no upbeat happy folk-shit here, just pure black metal.
Winterblut Von den Pflichten, Schönes zu vernichten tape Latest album, in wellknown Winterblut style!
Wojnar Kogda duch wojny nado mnoj wzojdiot tapeOriginal Kolovrat tape edition. Old Polish dungeon synth masterpiece.
Wolves Eyes Memories of those fallen tape
Wolves Eyes Eternal pagan souls tape
Wolves Eyes Beneath the banners tape
Wolves Eyes / Stolzblut split tape
Wolves Eyes / Likvann split tape
Woods Of Desolation Towards the depths tape

Xerión Nocturnal misantropia tape Fast black metal with a melancholic feeling.
Xerión Na busqueda do primixenio tape Black metal from Galiza, tape version of album with 2 bonus tracks. Pro covers, co-release of Antihumanism and Herege warfare prod. (formely known as Hellwarprod.)

Zcerneboh Wilcza noc czarciej przysiegi tape Demo/reh 2009

V/A "Nordlicht" compilationtape Hati, Panzerfaust, Mondwolf, Aaskereia, Todesweihe, Imperium Sacrum, Irmingot, Brocken Moon usw...
V/A "Oud en bezeten" compilation tape tape Exclusive unreleased studio, live and rehearsal tracks from the rotten Dutch underground, gathered for this compilation tape only. Domini Inferi, Funeral Winds, Göll, Lugubre, Sauron, Wrok, Zwartplaag.

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