Vinyl sale

Heidens Hart exists for 20 years in 2018. To celebrhate there are going to be some special offers, starting of with this vinyl sale.

All LPs: only 5 euro each
All EPs: only 2 euro each

Aethernaeum Zwischen zwei Welten 7"
Blessed In Sin / Ordo Templi Arnae Lucis split LP Brand new split LP of these both french black metal legends.
Crucifixion Wounds Desecrating the realm of god singlesided 7" One track of primitive Profanatica worship - excellent! Project from Widar / Bilskirnir.
Dämonenblut Die Rückkehr des Bösen 7"
Deathgate Arkanum Seelen MLP For more than a decade Deathgate Arkanum has served as the medium for sole member S. to transmit and perpetuate his notion of cold introvert Black Metal through several demo tapes and split contributions as well as two full-length albums. Driven with unbound creativity and fueled by strong individualism, Deathgate Arkanum showed a perseverant evolution towards more elaborate creations of surreal negativity and baleful melancholy. Nevertheless a keen sense for the pristine dark harshness of traditional Black Metal pervades all those recordings. With “Seelen” Deathgate Arkanum delivers four new tracks which transcend the listener beyond the shallowness of present existence into an emotional void distant from common human perception. “Seelen” will drag the mind on a journey through moribund sorrow and utter darkness towards the burning aether. Released on clear vinyl in a gatefold cover with spot-lacquered layout. Issued in 500 copies through the collaboration of Amor Fati Productions and None Shall Defy Records. Listen:
Demonhammer Vortexed in obscurity LP
Empty Eternal cycle of decay LP Re-release on vinyl, 15 years after, of this classic demo of the Spanish underground. Old black metal in the vein of bands like Ancient.
Furdidurke s/t 7"
Goatpenis Apocalypse war MLP The Brazilian War Metal Commando returns with a limited edition, one-sided record including the 'Apocalypse War' mini. Pressed as an old-school 12" EP on 45rpm for best possible sound quality. Supreme vinyl mastering by Herjann of Tuianti Studio's! Comes with high gloss cover with PMS silver print and inlay.
Hate Forest Temple forest LP
Hate Forest The curse LP
Hate Forest The gates LP
Hell Militia Jacob's ladder LP Eight stunning tracks of disturbing French Black Metal that smells of urban filth and an extremely bitter after taste. Red vinyl limited to 200 copies.
In Battle Welcome to the battlefield LP Technical and aggressive fast death metal. So it doesn't sound like their old stuff at all, but still good. Comparable to Dawn Of Azazel.
Inthyflesh / Sentimen Beltza Split 7"
Inquisitor Walpurgis - Sabbath of lust LP Dutch thrash metal history - crazy!
Masacre Metal medallo attack LP Ancient and primitive deathrash!
Mordaehoth Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart LP Click here for more info about this release. The return out of the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands. Carved, bunt and built over years, ultimate grim pagan black metal. Coloured vinyl, big foldout sleeve, 16 page A5 booklet, full-colour glossy laminated printwork, limited and handnumbered to 350 copies.
Mordaehoth Limburgian pagan madness LP The oldest Dutch pagan black metal show a colder and harsher return to the roots of pagan black metal. Re-recorded unreleased songs, as a tribute to the old European pagan black metal sound!
Mortifera / Be Persecuted split MLP
Mortifera Sanctii tristhess LP Latest album and in my opinion the best. A bit more aggressive compared with the third album. Very good sounding and looking release, comes with nice silver printing and booklet with lyrics and photos. All copies have minor damage, seam split on the top, sold for nice price.
Mourning Dawn For the fallen DLP
Necromass Calix utero babalon LP
Nivlhel Ur vrede född 10" MLP €5 Four tracks of pure old style of Scandinavian black/viking metal! At times reminding of Angantyr with Gorgoroth-riffs but with some viking-influenced melodies. This is the demo from these Swedes now on vinyl, really recommended!
Panzerfaust The demo(n) winds LP Ultimate hateful & raw Satanic black metal from Germany in the old tradition. This is the final release of Panzerfaust. A compilation of demo/EP tracks and an unreleased track from the old grim past... Black vinyl limited to 300 copies. Worship the goat!
Sarcofago Hate LP
Sekhmet Spiritual eclipse LP
Sekhmet Words of the master (proverbs of Hell) LP
The Stone Golet LP Black metal from former Yugoslavia.
Theudho Treachery LP Re-stock from the debut album on vinyl LP.
Unhuman Disease Into Satan's kingdom LP The great album from 2009 now available on Vinyl. 9 hymns devoted to Satan. This release will show you how Black Metal has to be. Hateful, strong and also destructive and negative. Hail Satan! Hail Death! The LP is limited to 500 copies.
Weltbrand Contra 7" This new 7" EP contains one new harsh industrialized black metal song track and a cover of Ministry's 'Scarecrow', both remixed by St. Vincent of BLACKLODGE. Aggressive, industrialized nihilist assault Metal praise of those willing to sacrifice everything for one brief moment of glory! Limited to 350 copies with embossed slevee, postcard and lyricsheet.
Winterblut Leichenstandard LP
Witchchrist The grand tormentor DLP Red vinyl.
Woods Of Infinity Forlat LP