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The stuff in this section is free to choose: for every 50 euro that you order, you can pick two CD's OR two 7"s OR three tapes OR one LP. Any change in postage will be calculated though. If you want to buy items from this list seperately that's also possible; the CDs are 4 euro each (or 3 for 10 euro), LPs 6 euro, and the 7" and tapes 2,50 euro each. Items are so cheap because they are last copies in stock or because they are good titles that need to be heard; of course everything is still new and unplayed.



0xist Nil CD Amazing doom / death metal. Note these copies have some marks of storage, hence grab them for a low price!
Annwfyn Zicht MCD This is not post rock, not acoustic folk, not shoegaze, not progressive; it is impossible to put in any category. Yet it is a bit of everything, fused together in a hypnotic musical journey into thoughts. This 5 track EP is the debut from this Dutch project has over 35 minutes playing time, containing atmospheric music, build with layers and layers of melodic acoustic and electric (bass)guitars, drums, percussion and synthesizers, supplemented with spoken, screamed and whispered words and choirs. An extensive list of instruments, all carefully crafted into a unique and very diverse mix of cacophonic sounds, soothing ambient, contrarian rhythms with technical breaks; all merged into a higly atmospheric piece. The CD is self-produced and financed by its creator in its entirety, so be sure to support them and give these tracks a listen!

Botulistum / Göll split CD

Exemtum - 's/t' cd Industrial ambient.

Hell Icon Odium irae involumentum me, te conscientae stimulant maleficiorum CD "A terrifying 37 minute ritual of true Darkness and Evil. Improvisational in nature, driven purely by Hatred, Disgust and Darkness. The pounding Death Hammers of Apollyon acompanies the schreeching Hell Harp of Cacodaemon, unleashing the forces of evil, while the death rasp of Mortifer worship all that is dark. Think Abruptum and demo-era Necromantia."

Indolenz / Vike Tare - 'promo' split cdr €2
Imperium Sacrum Wehre! CD
Isolation s/t CD "The selftiteld debut album by this promising german band offers dark, melancholic and haunting black metal. CD with booklet on special paper and black cardboard slipcase with silver print. Musically Isolation can probably be judged in the earliest as depressive Black Metal. Still it never was thepurpose to adjust itself to a scene or a genre, but to create instead authentic effigies of internal feelings. Also the influence of Bands reaches from Bethlehem, Ulver or Burzum up to many non-metal styles. The only thing that counts is to play music which transports genuine feelings and is capable to let sink the listener into her!" Released by Eisenwald.
Isolation Striding on the path of nihil CD Dark metal.

Naw From Naw to Jaw digipack CD Compilation of "A Hymn To Cold Silence" (1998) & "" (1997) demo cassettes.

Orakle Tourments & perdition CD Amazing stuff in the style of new Emperor and Arcturus, highly recommended!
Orakle Uni aux cimes CD Idem.
Orakle L'ineffable émoi... MCD This is their oldest and most primitive material, not as good as their two albums.

Psykotisch / Vredgad Split mcd Swedish black metal, both projects feature members of Ornias.
Reformity BR Anthroposdeadgoreisdisgustingphagia CD Mystifier member.

Spiderpact Goatspeed into magenta vacuum mcd Unusual "metal" (?) music, will perhaps appeal to those who like the last Virus, Abigor and Dodheimsgard albums, but it's even stranger / more experimental then those, as well as old Norwegian "avantgarde" black metal like Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, and so forth, but just as all those bands have a sound of their own, so has Spiderpact and it doesn't sound like a copycat at all.

Vindorn Hrana MCD Primitive Czech black metal not unlike Kult Ofenzivy!

Winternight Pestilenz CD
Wither s/t MCD

Zwartplaag Haatstorm CD



Abominattion - 'Terror nazarene' tape Krisiun-style Brazilian death metal, but a bit slower and more diverse.
Abscess - 'Abscess' tape From Brazil, not the USA. Sounds like a more death metal version of Sarcofago. Five tracks that also appeared on their 1995 split cd with Psychoneurosis and Extorsion.
Afflictis Lentae - 'Saint-office' tape
Archaic - 'Akelarre' tape Extreme funeral doom, played a bit untidy and chaotic.
Aesculetum - 'Aesculetum' tape Vein of Nargaroth.
Agmen - 'Tartarus' tape
Algol The demon star tape Style of old Mütiilation, but more primitive.
Anchoreth Live: anthem to an anchoret tape Livetape of slavic black metal.
Antechristus Wast the flesh as reluctance grows tape
Arkonian - 'Arkonian ressurection' tape
Ashtoreth Incesti - 'Hypnagogic hallucinations' tape Black metal from Belgium. Reminds me of later Nargaroth albums. Good sound, somewhat melancholic but still aggressive, no drumcomputer.
Askelon s/t tape
Astral Sleep Astral sleep tape Funeral doom metal from Finland with a small twist in the shape of clean folkish singing and a banjo!
Avenger - 'Fall of devotion, wrath and blasphemy' tape Old school black/death metal. Tape version of this album!

Beleth / Thanathron Voice of inferno split tape
Black Candle The facless angel tape
Bapthomet / Thoronath - 'Unholy sign of the horns' tape 2x old, pre-drumcomputer-era sloppy and primitive Finnish black metal with rehearsal-sound.
Beleth / Thanathron - 'Voice of inferno' split tape
Black Candle - 'The faceless angel' tape
Blodfest Den flyr ej ilden... tape Primal and aggressive black metal, featuring members of Solhverv and Wolfslair.

Caustric Strike Straight down the drain tape Previously known as Leprosy, this is Swedish total old school speed/thrash METAAAAAAAAL like old Megadeth. Includes Death Angel cover. Good stuff!
Chainsaw Demons Whisky and blood tape
Children Of Technology Future decay CD
Chur / Opricht From the ghostly fog / The fireflower tape
Coldness - 'Poisoned gift' tape Raw black metal from N.H., the main man behind Corpus Christii. Sounds like a mix of Ildjarn and Mütiilation with some typical Portugese parts.
Cryptal Spectres Night fear from ritual krypt tape

Deathmoon - 'Daemoonhermiticum' tape
Deathroner Deathroner tape Satanic speed metal from Canada! An iron fist in the face of god, intense and evil speed metal bestiality, highly recommended! Members from ex-Supremacy.
Decayed - 'Pure fucking mayhem (live in 1993)' tape Re-stock of this brutal live tape! The title says enough...
Decayed - 'Resurrectiónem mortuórum' tape Tape-version of the second Decayed album, from 1996. Old black/thrash with typical "raging" old Decayed sound.
Deceiverion / Everwinter split tape American black metal split release, good stuff.
Demiurg - 'Unholy war' tape One melodic black metal song and one Gorgoroth cover (which rules!).
Demiurg - 'Królestwo mrocznego lasu' tape This one has more typical "slavic" sound then the other releases and it's also more diverse with melodic midtempo parts and fast aggressive parts. Recommended tape, only minor thing is the drumcomputer.

Elohim - 'Eternal hate' tape Pre-Genocide project from Chaos. With the typical raw and wellknown sound as you know from Genocide. Musicwise a bit more influenced by "Under a funeral moon" and "A blaze in the northern sky".
Enoid Livssyklus tape
Epidemia Mortaliis When the epidemic arrived tape
Erhabenheit Misgediehen tape Not as good as 'Vom Tempel...' but still recommended. Bleak and aggressive black metal.
Erhabenheit / Wolfsschrei Split tape No new tracks on this one, but this tape compiles the tracks from the split 7", the Erhabenheit 7" and the Wolfsschrei demo cdr.
Erhabenheit / Wolfthorn split tape

Fjörd Vor tru tape Brooding heathen folk metal from Canada. Rustic & cold music in proud praise of Odin and the ancient mystical past. Chanting included for authentic ale drinking atmospheres. A bold adventure concieved in 2009 but spoken of ages long ago!
Frost Brűle mon criss! tape

Grimfaug Defloration of life's essence tape Vein of old Abyssic Hate, Krieg and Nargaroth.
Gromm / Wings Of War - 'In the glare of black' tape Gromm: totally violent and brutal black metal! Wings Of War: black/thrash metal from Poland.
Gromm - 'Sacrilegium' tape Epic and grim black metal, reminding a bit of a more harsh old Ancient.

Hegemoon - 'Tron zla' tape Good raw Polish black metal.
Heilnoz S/t tape Raw black metal, good.
Hell Poemer Worshipers of the apocryphal ages tape Old style Greek black metal.
Helwulf - 'Wolves of war & blood' tape Finnish black metal attack, reminds me a bit of old Impaled Nazarene!
Herici Of the Celtic blood tape
Host s/t tape
Hremmgiefstol When the wind blows from the north tape
Hrimthursen / Ulfsdalir Promo split tape €1 No new songs, just a promo with previously released material.

Immortal Hammer - 'Immortal past' tape This attack has been created by Immortal Hammer horde, in the cold and misty days of 2000 - 2002. It includes unreleased, rare and live tracks including a Darkthrone cover. Great horde!
Impious Havoc The great day of wrath tape Tape edition from LP on Sombre Records. Lo-fi old school black metal in the style of Warloghe and old Darkthrone.
Indolenz / Vike Tare Promo split tape
Inferivm Demo 2008 tape The first demo from this young band, hateful raw Black metal as it was meant to be. Pro covers, co-release of Antihumanism and Herege warfare prod. (formely known as Hellwarprod.).
Insidious Omen To cast the last shadow tape New material, hysterical vocals and raging black metal. Great stuff!
Insidious Omen Upon this throne of waste and decay tape

Kćltetod Adoration mortem tape Not to be confused with the German Kältetod; Kćltetod is from Austria and plays midtempo melancholic but also primitive black metal, mixed some some ambient intro's and outro's.
Khaoshorde - 'Khaotika' tape A good piece of German black metal!
Kladovest - 'Kladovest' tape Self-proclaimed "slavonic heathen black metal", but musicwise more in the direction of slow black/doom metal like Regnum.
Kosa Rpoctb tape Ukrainian terroristic black metal, pure and old school, reminding of for example old Graveland.

Legiones Obscurae Supreme hate empire tape Insane black/war metal like Goatpenis.
Lifelorn Katalis sebuah obsesi tape "Hailing from Malaysia, Lifelorn performs an EP full of instrumental shoegaze-y post-black metal that we are proud to have as one of our first 3 official releases."
Lindisfarne Vatican bitches tape Raging, violent and hateful Black Metal in the vein of "Transylvanian Hunger" and "Pentagram" + with some touches of Swedish Black Metal. Killer debut album after 3 demos since 1998. 333 copies.
Lug Rexer Ancient pride tape

Malveillance / Vorage - 'split' tape
Malveillance Insignificance tape
Mandrosys Before I die tape
Maugrim Nothing, bare tape "Maugrim's breakthrough EP featuring their shift away from their ambient, electronic roots to a full-fledged depressive black metal sound."
Monstraat Beyond angel eyes tape
Moravská Zima National moravian black metal tape Aggresive Czech black metal, with quite typical Czech sound too. Especially vocals remind of Inferno, but the music is a bit more diverse and slighly more melodic.
Moravská Zima / Slavigrom split tape On this tape, M.Z. contributes a bit more thrashy songs, with also a bit better production. Slavigrom is more midtempo black metal like Nyktalgia.
Morbid Yell - 'The first desecration' tape Compilation of demo 1 and 2. Primitive black/thrash metal!
Mortem Parto Humano Nitimur in vetitum tape Antihuman black metal with a small industrial hint.
Morzhol Morzhol tape Raw French old school black metal, reminding a bit of Empire Of Hate.

Nargothrond Some orcs never yield tape
Natural Change Helvetia (Espace Mittelland) I tape Drone/industrial and slow black metal.
Njaalkeme Windszeit, Wolfszeit tape Acoustic and ambient stuff inspired by Aghast.
Nocthornialh Gillehu tape Noisy primitive war metal. Intense and harsh!
Nocturnal Fear Pagan rites tape Killer old school raw death/thrash metal. Includes "Live in Detroit", feb 2003. First orders include free pin!
Nocturne Paralleles tape
Northern Frost Ewige Kälte tape Killer German black metal!!! Nothing really original, just a disgusting and filthy pure black metal attack, get this!
Nosophoros - 'Alone in cryptic labyrinths' tape Raw and lo-fi black metal, unfortunately nothing new.

Old Oak Spells and starlight tape "After a considerable amount of silence Old Oak returns. The material on this release is not exactly new as it has been sitting around unreleased for some time. Those who heard the first can expect the same: dark ambient to to enhance the darkness of night."
Old Pagan Battlecruiser tape

Profane Congregation Tormentor of divinity tape

Raggradarh - 'Banners of our victory' tape Bulgarian war metal.
Raggradarh - 'Rise the pagan forest' tape
Rigid Horns Triumph of Pan tape
Riivaus s/t tape

Semai - 'Neve nezná vyvolených' tape Czech black metal.
Skaldic Curse Contagious Psychic Misery tape Good tape, sounds a bit like new Watain!
Skardus Demo 2010 tape
Skoll Through the mist... we come back tape Old Chanteloup Creation release reminding me of first Liar Of Golgotha album!
Skullkrusher Metal sorcery - live & loathed 27.4 and 6.6.1998 tape 2x slow Finnish black metal like Barathrum and Heretic live with very raw sound.
Slavia Strength and vision tape Harsh and violent fast black metal.
Source Of Deep Shadows - 'Source of doom and perpetual night' tape
Sola Svartnar Conquęte tape French pagan black metal.
Someone Walking On My Grave S/t tape Obscure, distant, crude, dissonant French black metal.
Svarthal Silhouettes tape Fast and a bit chaotic black metal like "Pure holocaust"!
Svarthal Where the shadows dwell tape Idem.

Tanat / Briargh - 'Funeral howls / A black mark over the land' split tape
Tenebra - 'Through crying souls I see what I was...' tape Old school Italian black metal.
Tetraktys Voreion sellas tape Minimalistic ambient like Vinterriket, from The Shadow Order member.
Thorns Blade s/t tape
Triumphus Mortis Crepuscolo spirituale tape
Tundra Ansia tape New album of Italian black metal, with ex-Maniac Butcher vocalist on roarrr.

Ulvdalir Soul void tape Cold and raw black metal from Russia.
Uno Actu Inexistence tape Noisy ritual ambient.
Utgard Utgard tape Good Finnish black metal, old school stuff like Gorgoroth.

Vergeltung Gegen Feind und Verräter tape
Via Dolorosa Mahabharata tape
Vide Vide tape Compilation of previously released and unreleased material. Very raw and harsh black metal, could be compared with Branikald because of it's also quite monotone. Label description: A proper demo release from this young US act. Primitive and very noisy material. At times it almost sounds like a wall of distortion with the music trying to fight through the chaos. Unrelenting and punishing in its infantile state. Rough around the edges, but given time to control the chaos, Vide will become more lethal. Northern Sky Productions.
Voido Quontur Wolves are descending in town tape Tour De Garde Productions. Low and heavy black metal, sounding a bit like Hate Forest, but faster songs.
Vorkuta / Heltentod Monument split tape Vorkuta: "Malicious black metal/ambient"; Heltentod: "Aggressive and melodic pagan black metal".

Warbutcher - 'Curse of ages' tape Violent war metal, not a pure Blasphemy clone this time but it also reminds me of Bestial Warlust. Good stuff.
Winds Of Hyperborea Gaze of the abyss tape One lengthy intro and two raw primitive black metal rehearsalsongs, bit like Burzum. Features a member from Flame Of War.
Wintergate - 'Slave of Satan tape Traditional black metal.

Zaebros / Agailiarept Split tape
Zumtot Occident tape Black / folk metal.

V/A "Bulgaryan - Southern radikal war propaganda - 'Split' tape With Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, Stürm Kommand, Uriburu and 88.
V/A "Of embers and fire" compilationtape Bilskirnir, Evil, Flammentod and more.
V/A "...of hate & blood" compilation tape Featuring The Shadow Order, Kult, Unholy Archangel, Dawn Of Division, Darkthule, Dark Messiah and more.
V/A "Unite the underground - worldwide black metal war" compilationtape Released by Nox Runas Produktionen (formerly known as Wandalen Distro) from Germany, this compilationtape features bands like Turulvér, Geweih, Must Missa, Loits, Angantyr, Holmgang and more. Pro cover.
V/A "Stimmen aus der Tiefe" compilation tape €2 Brandnew compilation featuring Vike Tare, Hordagaard, Nordreich, Black God, Kroda, Morrigan, Hunok, Bilskirnir and many more... Also includes unreleased songs and raw mixes. 22 bands in total!
V/A "Stimmen des Ideals" promo compilation part 1 tape €2 Featuring Vike Tare, Marblebog, Hordagaard, Hrimthursen, Nordreich, and many more.
V/A "Stimmen des Ideals" promo compilation part 2 tape €2 Featuring Heidenblut, The Martyrium, Ignis Uranium, Bilskirnir, and many more.
V/A "To conquer the world" 5 way split tape Flame Of War / Gassturm / Via Doloroas / Raggradarh / Wolfestandarte
V/A "United in dark Slavic blood" compilation tape With Quercus, Helevorn, Sleza, Wizun, Grzmot and Slav.