ANCESTORS BLOOD cds are out now!!!

Ancestors Blood - 'When the forest calls' cd
Brand new second album of epic and highly atmospheric pagan black metal. Powerful production,
catchy and bombastic keyboard melodies and aggressive guitars and vocals. Ancestors Blood
have more and more found an own identity, however still reminding of that old, typical Scandinavian sound
like Grievance, Demonic, Covenant, Troll, Gehenna and Dimmu Borgir used to have. Essential release!

Ancestors Blood - 'A dark passage from the past' cd
Compilation gathering the three demo's from '04, '05 and '06, showing the roots of the
bands' famous epic sound. Now for the first time put together, remastered and released on cd!
16 pages booklet with all original artwork, lyrics, photos. The demo's are actually prefered over some of
the re-recorded tracks appearing on the debut by a lot of people, as these original
recordings capture more of the grim atmosphere whereas the debut sounded too polished for
many. So take this chance to get them on cd now!

Sample mp3 from 'When the forest calls' here or visit their myspace. Flyer here.