May 2010 Back!

Back home from the "Hurry up and wait! tour 2010", hails to Shyaithan, A. and J. in Impiety, H., P., M., S., K. in Setherial, Jose, and all we've met underway.

Mailorderlist is updated, but due to logistical reasons it is not 100% up to date.

New releases out now:

HH60: MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - "The June frost" tape Second full-length masterpiece of purveyors of Australian mournful doom gods, and again they
manage to surprise with something new. Well-constructed layered melodies and song structures, this album is still in the same vein as 'The monad of creation'
album, yet the songs have further evolved. The album contains eight tracks, mixing long songs with short interludes and instrumental tracks almost in one big
"song". In this concept the album focuses on highest quality songwriting and compositions, rather then blatant and dull repetitions. Top quality printed
cassette with fold out, glossy, colour, double-sided cover with lyrics.

Zwaremetalen 96/100 - Diabolical Conquest 83/100 - Metalcrypt 90/100

HH64: HEKEL (Hol) "Rehearsal 2005" tape Title says enough. Released on pro tape.
No samples.

HH61: DEVIL ANCESTRY - "Unleash" tape Debut demo offering from this new Australian band. Primitive and crushing barbarian black/death from
Australia, heavy and necro as fuck. Imagine barbarians wielding instruments for the first time.... Low death vox, heavy distortion and pounding drum beats.
Limited to 200 copies.


HH59: KBM - "Katharos" tape Two lengthy tracks of droning, unhuman, ritual dark metal, alternating between obscure bleak soundscapes and aggressive,
hypnotizing fast parts. Overall quite minimal and monotonous in it's execution, yet very very epic, original and intense material. These are not just two
songs, but the soundtrack to a black hole doing it's job of sucking in all matter and energy, leaving nothing but utter void. A comparison is impossible, but
personally, the only thing which it could remind me of just slightly, is a more expressionistic (old) Secrets Of The Moon and perhaps 'Drawing down the moon'.
Limited edition of 250 tapes with high quality tapes and covers.


HH67: EOLE NOIR (Bel) "Eole noir" tape New, selftitled mini album showing the true face of Eole Noir. One lengthy track of fast but melancholic
black metal despair as should be known from them, minimal production but this time with vocals, followed by one dreamy acoustic track.

No samples.

HH62: ZWARTPLAAG "Haatstorm" tape A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of demos,
this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in the Dutch underground that matter. Tape edition out now too, cd
and tshirt still available.

Aardschok 85/100

KR001: KROCHT - "Vaandeldrager / Actum" tape Second press of this tape, compiling the band their first two, now mastered demo's on one tape. Krocht
plays melodic and fast black metal, but still totally harsh and hateful. Think of Summoning or "Nattens madrigal" but with added keyboards and stranger and more
technical guitar parts. Released by Kvasir Records, distribution by HH.


HH62: ZWARTPLAAG "Haatstorm" album tshirt Tshirt available in sizes S to XXL.
Front: albumcover, logo, title; back: three photos + text. Click here for a larger photo.