June 2010 News

GRAVELAND albums available again in Europa:

The celtic winter - 1996
In the glare of the burning churches - 1996
Following the voice of blood - 1997
Immortal pride - 1999

Four legendary Graveland albums are available again for worldwide distribution by Heidens Hart! After being banned in
Germany, the albums have been unavailable for more then one year. Heidens Hart took over distribution of these epic
masterpieces, so this is the last chance to get these monumental and legendary albums. These are not recent represses
or re-releases, but the last pressings by No Colours (including the '07 version of 'Following').

Starting with primitive black hateful metal on The celtic winter and In the glare of burning churches, or the epic pagan
black metal of Following the voice of blood and Immortal pride, Graveland invented what would become an important new
sub-genre with these albums, so these classics of true Polish black metal are a must if you do not own them yet. Limited
stock - order your copy now at www.heidenshart.nl.nu (Not for sale to Germany)