June 2011 News and updates

Out now (click on the titles for more info):

LUGUBRE Logo/eagle/skull + text "Anti human black metal" tshirt

PEST embroided logo patch, 8 x 9 cm

HH74: GESTALTE (Hol) "Gestalte" tape 2011

Out next week will be:
Descending Darkness - 'Seelenruhe' tape
Sekt - 'Unhealthcare' tape
Besiect - 'Heidenlärm' tape

And very shortly after that:
Regnum - 'Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes' tape
Dusken - 'Pyrimanes' tape

All these will be out VERY SOON so keep an eye on the website! It will be announced when they are out, but pre-orders are welcome, I'd be happy to reserve your items until these are out.

Other news:

Last few months have been quite busy with some concerts, rehearsals, realisation of new releases (like the ones above, and more coming soon), and of course planning of and working on upcoming releases! So far, 2011 has proven to be one of the best years since I started in 1998, so thanks for everyone for their continued support. I continue to work with dedicated underground individuals and bands, not important if they are new and unknown (like most Heidens Hart bands in the beginning) or existing 10+ years but with respectful reputation. Therefore, I am proud to announce these new confirmed releases coming soon:

LUGUBRE - 'Chaoskult: Hymns of destruction' cd
Logo patches (two designs)

Besides the new tshirt we just released (see above), there are more updates concerning anti human assault Lugubre. First we will release a new cd called 'Chaoskult', which will feature selected material of the old demo's and split material, as well as some new rehearsalrecordings. The layout and mastering is being finished right now, we will try to have it out before their show at this years Under The Black Sun festival (first weekend of july, near Berlin Germany). This concert will also be their first one with new vokalist Nachzehrer. The cd will be released in a handnumbered edition of 666 copies only!

The vinylversion of Lugubre's second attack "Supreme ritual genocide" will be released through Folter Records shortly and will also be available at Under the black sun. Also we'll try to have two different logo patches out in time before as well.

Work on the new Murw album 'Kanker' is nearing completion. The album has been mastered and it's brilliant. Expect something entirely new, yet in entirely Murw style! Expected release will be summer or fall.

NORTHWARD - 'In sturmes Wind' tape

Although not influenced by them at all, this demo sounds like a faster and more aggressive version of the old Drudkh material. Great full sound, a-typical bassmelodies, far above average demo quality!