These two high priority releases are AT THE PRESS now, I expect them to be out in september/oktober:

Murw - 'Kanker' cd

New 2011 album of progressive doom metal.

Review: It has been said often about Murw that their songwriting and compositions were extraordinary; the potential was clearly there; it was just that not many people appreciated the unpolished and raw self-production of their previous material. Personally, a lo-fi production never bothers me. However, the band decided to experiment and recorded this new album "Kanker" in a well known studio in Austria, and had it mastered in Slovenia. You can expect a heavy yet very clear sound. Production-wise, the album may appeal to a larger audience. However, do not fear their typical nonconformist songwriting and melodies have been replaced with artificiality, sing-a-long choruses and top 40 song structures. This is not an easy-listening pop metal album. The clear production reveals only little of the many layers of sick melodies, virtuoso playing and psychedelica. With this new level of production, combined with their ever genius songwriting and progressive and technical compositions, the future is theirs. Material here is very diverse, as we know Murw at their best. Expect to be sucked in four deranged songs that will wipe your happiness away like snow before the sun, and let their twists elevate you from total despair and disappointment, into delirium, and then transcend you into the laughing outsider. Because let's be honest, in this nowadays scene there are hardly any original and innovative bands left. Everyone wants to fit in some sub genre, its image and its scene. Not many bands write for the sake of themselves exclusively. If you are prepared to be amazed, add this album to your collection. You will not find any modern stoner or hippy influences on this album. A comparison to this album is impossible; just as all previous material from Murw, no two tracks are alike and all passages are highly unique and intelligent. However, to give you an idea, the material here matches with the best songs written by Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, old Paradise Lost, Ved Buens Ende / Virus, etc. This time, all lyrics are included as well, giving a more than bleak insight to their hope-less and detached motivations, confronting you with personal mourning and disappointments.

1. Kanker 7:38
2. Als sneeuw voor de zon 11:46
3. De buitenstaander 7:38
4. Artificiality 10:38

Murw - 'Kanker' preview:

Hekel - 'Doodskou' mcd

More than five years after the unholy pact to resurrect this demo was sealed, and 13 years after it's original recording, the official cd repress of Hekel their first and only demonstration cassette 'Doodskou', will finally be released soon. This 1998 demo of unhuman black metal, performed with painful vocals and pure evil out of this world, cloaked in a dark, hateful and spiritual aura, left a big impression on the Dutch underground, recorded in a time before internet-hypes, image-driven "black" metal kids and easy-listening pop metal. Only few bands still have this kind of dedication nowadays... After the 'Doodskou', Hekel dissapeared back into their forest, but in 2006 they emerged with their first full-length album 'De dodenvaart'. Cd is limited to 666 copies, pre-orders are welcome.

1. Waar de wind fluistert in de nacht, luister ik 5:01
2. Hekel brand 2:20
3. De eeuwige hekel 5:41
4. Sater's wederkeer 4:58