News march 2012

Here are some of our plans and updates for these anticipated new releases:

: MURW - 'Kanker' album :

Long awaited debut album of Murw. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking debut album of progressive old school death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting. Cd out now; lp at the press now!
Fan upload:
Live video:

: HEIMDALLS WACHT - 'Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metall' new album :

Are currently recording. We expect and hope to release the album around may.
See them live 11 may in Aarschot, Belgium with Ancient Rites.
'Nichtorte' and 'Ut de graute olle Tied deel 1' cd's are available.


Are currently recording a new album. We expect and hope to release the album in the summer.
'When the forest calls' cd is available, lp-version will go to press soon.


Are writing material for their upcoming debut album.
Voidwandering black metal. Selftitled demotape is available.


Down to the last of these releases:
Eole Noir - s/t tape - 20 left
Lustre - 'Serenity' tape - 10 left
Mournful Congregation - The June frost tape - 5 left
Zwartplaag - 'Haatstorm' tape - 20 left


Absu + Impiety on tour

07.04.12 Switzerland Zurich @ Alte Kaserne
08.04.12 France Paris @ Glazart
09.04.12 Belgium Antwerpen @ Trix
10.04.12 UK Manchester @ Moho
11.04.12 Ireland Dublin @ The Pint
12.04.12 UK London @ Underworld
13.04.12 Germany Oberhausen @ Helvete
14.04.12 Germany Lichtenfels @ Ragnarök Fest