News april 2012

More feedback on "Kanker" by MURW:
"Few debut full-lengths are this convincing, unique, and mature. There's plenty of textural complexity and sonic experimentation, such as Opethian riffs and melodies, psychedelia, keyboards, bass-led sections, undistorted passages, and clean female vocals. And, take notice, it's produced perfectly." (4.5/5) - Full Metal Attorney (USA)
"“Kanker” is a very well-crafted release that deserves attention. At times it sounds like something that Mournful Congregation or Shape Of Despair could have crafted. Murw managed to consolidate their sound very well and deliver a great release." (88/100) - Infernal Masquerade (Spain)

- The very first ILDRA tshirt will be printed shortly.

- BESTIAL SUMMONING - "The Dark War Has Begun" lp will be released around may in cooperation with STI and NEP. No bonustracks, no new artwork, no modern remix.

- KJELD - "De tiid hâldt gjin skoft" mlp will be released after that. Instead of splitting up the two tracks on side A and B, this will be pressed as one-sided lp. Expected to be released in the summer.

- I will be away from april 6 until the 16th for the Absu / Impiety tour, so all emails sent in this time will be answered later.


Absu + Impiety on tour

07.04.12 Switzerland Zurich @ Alte Kaserne
08.04.12 France Paris @ Glazart
09.04.12 Belgium Antwerpen @ Trix
10.04.12 UK Manchester @ Moho
11.04.12 Ireland Dublin @ The Pint
12.04.12 UK London @ Underworld
13.04.12 Germany Oberhausen @ Helvete
14.04.12 Germany Lichtenfels @ Ragnarök Fest