ILDRA 'Eğelland' LP / CD / MC / digital

The genre-defining and best selling English pagan/folk black metal masterpiece! After releasing two highly praised demos via Heidens Hart previously already, we now present the long awaited debut album of ILDRA finally re-released on CD / LP / MC / digital. Authentic and organic pagan Anglo Saxon black metal alternated with short folk parts, entirely performed on traditional instruments. The result is a remarkably unique album filled with melodic and furious hymns. Provoking and commanding rhythms and vocals are topped with one of the most epic, dynamic and bombastic productions since "Hammerheart".

Released on March 20, the album is now available again on all formats (LP, CD, MC and digital) to finally give this album the full attention it deserves after the original CD edition by an unknown label was not promoted. Each format now comes with a big inlay or booklet with all lyrics in the original ancient Anglo-Saxon tongue (as sung on the album) as well as their modern English translations.

“Eğelland” is an accomplished work of anthemic Anglo-Saxon pagan black metal for fans of Bathory, Forefather, Primordial, Graveland, Drudkh! The album received unanimous positive feedback and - truly unprecented for a bands' debut album - paved the way for a new wave of British pagan black metal bands.

ILDRA – “Eğelland” is released by Heidens Hart Records, the infamous Dutch Black Metal label who had originally discovered such authentic bands as Ancestors Blood, Heimdalls Wacht, Peste Noire and Cultus. The band and label are currently working on a double CD compilation featuring all the bands' demos with unreleased material, to be released later in 2018.

1. Sweorda ecgum
2. Rice Æfter oğrum
3. Hrefnesholt (Dæl I)
4. Esa blæd
5. Ofer hwælweg we comon
6. Nu is se dæg cumen
7. Earendel
8. Swa cwæğ se eardstapa
9. On şas hwilnan tid

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Fanzine & press feedback:

90/100 Dreyrugr Metal Reviews:
"The new pagan elite. The band itself exists for the sole purpose of celebrating all that is Anglo-Saxon through intense, powerful Black Metal. I consider Eğelland the best Anglo-Saxon Metal album I’ve yet to hear, even surpassing the greatness of their peers in the excellent band Forefather."

92/100 M-A:
"Ildra conjures up an epic, engrossing atmosphere that fits the Anglo-Saxon time period that the lyrics depict."

8,5/10 Metal Soundscapes:
"“Eğelland” is a hidden treasure that pagan black metal fans better dig out."

"It's been a long time since I heard a folk metal album that is as convincing as this one; this album convinces on all points. With head and shoulders above the grey mass."

Heidnir Webzine:
"Ildra has added to his production all the ingredients that make up the perfect album. Whether it's his authenticity, his change of scenery, the emotions he gives us, or the accuracy of his music, Eğelland is a hit on all fronts. Music carries us as much as it scares us or galvanizes us. Each riff or choir reminds us of the violence of a battle while the slightest intervention of a traditional instrument makes us dream of a life in a warm English cottage of the medieval time. Eğelland embodies what we all seek when we tackle a pagan metal album."

Iron Tyrant:
"Absolutely the BEST epic black metal album this side of Bathory's Hammerheart. Monumental."

94/100 M-A:
"The first track bursts in with aplomb, like some ancient British war hymn laced with the undulating riffs and thunderous drumming. The vocalist could just as well be the commander barking orders to his men."

4/5 Metal Crypt:
"Overall, excellent Pagan Metal with a huge shot of authenticity. Ildra is obviously dedicated to making music a particular way and Edelland is solid evidence of a band that cares a great deal about its sound."

8/10 Coreandco:
"Ildra 's main strength comes from his guitars, delivering epic melodies mostly played in overwhelming hymns."

The Modern Alternative:
"This is a fantastic album in my opinion, well read, written and recorded by this mystery outfit. Expect Viking era Bathory with Forefather all rolled into one!"

CD released March 2018;
MC released December 2015;
LP released March 2014.