1. Vuurkeals
2. Duivelshuis
3. Ravenhorst
4. Wanneer de hemel bloedt
5. Broedermoord
6. Mechteld
7. Tegen het einde

MONDVOLLAND 'Kwade vaart' CD

The second and last full length album of Mondvolland is out now. This band was already unique upon its creation - so you can only imagine what years of further development and touring with bands like Kampfar and Virus did to them. The band draws a lot of inspiration from local legends, but are far from typical the typical upbeat, happy "folk metal" scene of today. Expect avantgarde black metal with a hint of folk melodies, soaked in melancholy and dark folklore. Recommended to fanatics of old Helheim, Kampfar, Lugubrum, Lönndöm, Virus. “Kwade Vaart” is the last full length album by the band, as the band split up in spring 2014. It is an album inspired by folk stories from the Gelderland region of the Netherlands that explore the subjects of poisoning, death in battle, fratricide and witch hunts, within a local context. The darker side is the central theme found in the folklore of the region – hence the album title. The album is released on CD format with 20 page booklet with original drawing, and digital via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp and more.

Released 19 september 2014.

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(89/100) "...lovers of intense and original black metal with an ineffable geist of the ways of old should endeavour to acquire it, it is one of the best black metal albums of the year without a doubt." (The Heavy Metal Saloon)

(81/100) "Mondvolland deserves all attention; Kwade Vaart is a journey through grim stories in its mother tongue" (Zware Metalen)

"I sure wish this band had stayed together." (No Clean Singing)

"Een solide black metalplaat waar Mondvolland nationaal en internationaal hoge ogen gooit." (Aardschok)

"For a Dutch band they are very adept at channeling that dark and decadent aesthetic generally associated with the so-called fin de siècle art movement of late 19th century France." (Metal Observer)

"...een intrigerend en vooral uniek geluid." (Rockportaal)

(80/100) "...mixed folk and black metal a little differently than dictated trends, MONDVOLLAND have been simply following their own ideas." (Mortem Zine)

(80/100) “Kwade Vaart” certainly gives them a reason to hold their heads up high. Its heaviness is a force to be reckoned with, and the band’s strong sense of melody and atmosphere make it one of the more entertaining Black Metal releases I’ve heard in a while." (Metal Temple)