1. Overture
2. Highland victory
3. Doomed to die
4. Full moon baptism
5. Crossing the fires of darkness
6. Under the sign of the celtic cross
7. Kneel before the master's throne
8. March of the clans
9. Doomed to die 2008 (CD bonus track)
10. Kneel before the master's throne live 1996 (CD bonus track)

COUNTESS "The gospel of the horned one" LP / CD

One of the most requested albums for a vinyl release ever within black metal scene, and more importantly, certainly a long time #1 wish from me personally. In the mid 90s, this album was my introduction to Countess and it remains my personal favourite to this day, so it is with the utmost honour we can announce the LP and CD re-rerelease are out now on Heidens Hart Records / New Era Productions. After we released a second edition of the Bestial Summoning album, we are proud to present you another true classic from the Dutch underground. The 1993 description is still relevant: "This album features eight invocations of cold, dark black metal in the archa´c tradition, pure and evil."

Both LP and CD come with the same original layout as the original CD and as I always envisioned the LP should be. Though we did find a better photo from the original cover art, so new version looks slightly better. Still don't expect a shiny, glossy 13 in a dozen looking release. The CD version includes two never released before bonus tracks. As all my releases, these are of course 100% official and made in close cooperation with the band.

Just as the original cover and layout have not been changed, of course this songs have not been remastered - the audio only has been carefully optimized for vinyl format, so the LP sounds fuller and better compared with the CD, but not drastically different. LP also comes with two inserts.

Released fall 2014.

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