MORDAEHOTH "Limburgian pagan madness" LP / MC

Completely unexpected comes a new Mordaehoth album! Though not a completely new album - it features re-recorded tracks from private and unreleased tapes that were only given to friends. Those tapes will remain unreleased forever, but selected tracks have been re-recorded by Sigwyrd. The oldest Dutch pagan black metal show a colder and harsher return to the roots of pagan black metal. LP edition has three bonus tracks; CD edition has three other bonus track; tape edition has all those six bonus tracks with three more added, for a total of nine (!) extra tracks.

LP released winter 2014/2015 by Heidens Hart & New Era;
CD released winter 2014/2015 by New Era;
MC released winter 2014/2015 by Heidens Hart.

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