1. Gelderse drek
2. Vlammenvonnis

WEDERGANGER 'Gelderse drek' CD-single

OUT NOW! The entity that is Wederganger caused a true tumult in (and outside!) the Dutch underground. Out of nowhere they appeared with a demo tape that sold out in a blink of an eye and did a truly stunning first performance at the Veneration Of The Dead festival. Hence, these revenants, (previously) active in Fluisterwoud, Galgeras, Mondvolland, and Heidevolk crawled out of the Gueldrian dirt once more to team up with Heidens Hart and release the tracks in a one time only, strictly limited physical edition: "Gelderse drek" will be re-unleashed as a CD-single in a traditional maxi-CD jewelcase (like in the 90s, think Kampfar MCD, Ildjarn-Nidhogg "Svartfraad" MCD and Dimmu Borgir "Devil's path" MCD packaging) and with the actual disc in three colours: 200 blue, 200 yellow, and 100 blue/yellow/black pieces, all carrying the seal of Wederganger. The release date for this piece of filth coincides with their show with fellow grave worshippers Denial Of God in Arnhem on November 1st 2014!

Blue version: still available!
Yellow version: still available!
Blue/yellow/black version: last copies - order now!

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(85/100) "...this demo simply screams for MOOOORE!!!!" (Black metal review)

(90/100) "This is honestly one of the best Dutch black metal songs ever. It is performed wonderfully and has a perfect gritty sound. A true gem." (Lord Of Metal)

(80/100) "Classic styled black metal of a very high order. This is obviously a band with a lot of potential and a lot to give, and this demo ends way too soon. Recommended, in whatever form and from whichever label you find it." (Heavy metal saloon)

"It is so good and I am so angry right now. If Gelderse Drek was intended as a massive tease, then this band has accomplished in ruining my day. I hope you know, I am going to be right here waiting. Goddamn it." (Tape Wyrm)