1. Barrow ghosts
2. Voices of the unknown dead
3. Lifeless lies the desolate land
4. Devoid
5. A throne above

DODENKROCHT - "A veneration of the dead" cassette

OUT NOW! The audial ectoplasmic summoning by Dodenkrocht at this years Veneration Of The Dead was captured in human shape - their ethereal forms manifested in one of our personal highlights of the seance... This materialization of spiritual death will now be cast in prima materia - its vessel, a haunted black cassette tape limited to one hundred appearances only.
Dodenkrocht projects an hypnotic, monotonous, mostly at low pace, but very heavy and bombastic manifestation of bleak horror. Combining the massive and atmo-spheric sound of funeral doom, with the pure, cold hatred of black metal. This will surely appeal to those into Nortt, the debut of Manes, Nightbringer and "Filosofem"-era Burzum.
You will see forever...

Unfortunately we have to sell the tape for a bit higher price than usual, so they are 4 euro + postage. The manufacturing costs for printing such a limited edition like this were higher than anticipated. However, expect a high quality release with amazing sound, professional cassettes and inlay.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5IW5LraXxM
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