1. The cotton optic 05:25
2. The rattle of black teeth 03:53
3. Becoming host 03:41
4. Glimlight tourist 05:04
5. Smother the crones 04:03
6. Possession is the medicine 03:27
7. The lazarus cord 06:05
8. White triptych 07:10
9. Brass dogs 08:43

CODE - "Live in The Netherlands" CD

In november 2014, we set up three shows for avantgarde masters Code from the United Kingdom, performing with Aeternus, Heimdalls Wacht, Kjeld and Laster. They marked the return to The Netherlands for the first time since 2009, on their tour with Sólstafir and Secrets Of The Moon. Five years went by and the progression was noticably huge. The bands' third album, "Augur nox" had been released in the mean time and the band has a new lineup. Two of the shows were recorded professionally and mixed afterwards by Aort and compiled into one album. As impressed as the result was, he suggested us the idea to release them. Being huge Code fanatics, we didn’t have to think twice about that.

The sound here is on the rough side but still clear. Don't expect a lo-fi wash of noise with unrecognizable vocals in the distance, nor an overproduced, overcompressed recording with studio overdubs. Code's own style of avantgarde yet flowing and progressive style is captured very well on these live recordings. All first three albums are represented - top notch musicianship, classy songwriting and well executed vocals hit the nail right on the head here. Imagine a mix of Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Katatonia and Emperor, executed live in a perfect setting.

What makes these recordings even more special, is that these might be the last live shows for Code for ever, since some members have announced to move to other continents... This live CD is truly a legacy to the stunning performances of Code.

Released June 1st 2015.

Click here to listen on Bandcamp.

(80/100) Power of metal zine "If you are a fan of the band's history and evolution or just love progressive black metal, this is an album you have to own."
(72/100) Addergebroed "Not a single weak moment on "Live in The Netherlands". The album follows its heart."
White room reviews "The album once again shows Code is unique."