ANCESTORS BLOOD - 'When the forest calls' cd

1. Intro 01:12
2. When the forest calls 04:54
3. Reborn spirit in a new flesh 05:12
4. Metsäpirtti (Part I) 06:59
5. A dark passage from the past 07:44
6. Day of victory / Outro 04:48

Brand new second album of epic and highly atmospheric pagan black metal. Powerful production, catchy and bombastic keyboard melodies and aggressive guitars and vocals. Ancestors Blood have more and more found an own identity, however still reminding of that old, typical Scandinavian sound bands like Grievance, Demonic, Covenant, Forlorn, Troll, Gehenna, Darkwoods My Bethrothed, and Dimmu Borgir used to have. Essential release!


5 / 5 “Ancestors Blood does really everything good and delivers a super album, which I truly recommend to everyone.”

14 / 15 Folk metal blog: “A nearly perfect work.”

85 / 100 Heavy metal tribute: "Ancestors Blood's When the Forest Calls has definitely altered my viewpoints"

87 / 100 Threnodies

8 / 10: Hateful metal: "A very good album which I can recommend without exception. If you like catchy yet powerful pagan black metal with awesome melodies, you can not skip this one!"

8 / 10 Metal Rulez: "Skillfully put together, creating a very dark atmosphere. Addictive and sensational peace of black metal!"

Masterful magazine: “It combines epic melodies with tasteful synthesizers that add greatly to the atmosphere which is countered by rather harsh traditional black metal. In regards to production this EP is actually quite accomplished. The guitar tone is clear and crisp, the bass guitar features prominently and the drums sound powerful and battering. All in all, Ancestors Blood have delivered a commendable EP.”

Forbidden magazine: "A grand and glorious soundscape done so damn well, not to be overlooked by fans of epic metal majesty!"