ZWARTPLAAG 'Haatstorm' CD / MC / Tshirt

1. Intro 01:43
2. Forgotten tower of moon 06:41
3. Countess of blood 06:55
4. Nachtkwaad 07:15
5. Last stronghold of eternal hate 07:30
6. Imperial death march 06:30
7. Winds of desecration and lust 06:01
8. Den plaag geleden 07:52
9. Haatstorm 06:31
10. Outro 02:36

A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of demos, this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in the Dutch underground that matter.

Unleashed februari 2010 on cd and tape. "Haatstorm" album tshirt available now too in sizes S to XXL. Front: albumcover, logo, title; back: three photos + text. Click here for a photo.


90 / 100 Pest webzine: "Raw, primitive, dark, and evil is what Zwartplaag displays with "Haatstorm”."

90 / 100 "A masterpiece. This true monolith raises the level "

85 / 100 Aardschok magazine: “Rarely has a Dutch black metal debuted as strong as Zwartplaag. The album lasts one hour, but these gentlemen know how to capture and hold your attention.”

83 / 100 Lords of metal magazine: “This is an album to be proud of.”

86 / 100 “With this first opus, Zwartplaag rises undoubtedly to spearhead the Dutch scene. An album that will not soon be forgetten and that already resonates as one of the highlights in 2010.”

80 / 100 Hateful metal: "First class riffs and lots of variation. A very atmospheric album from the first to the last song."

80 / 100 Spirit Of Metal Zine

Lurkers Path: “A very solid, overlooked record with serious musicianship and a stellar (albeit still slightly harsh) sound.”

100 / 100 metal-archives: "Haatstorm has a relentless, ancient, black metal feel that stands in a class of its own, as for example Taake, whereas Zwartplaag does not sound like the Taake horde. Haatstorm presents a new, unique brand of melodic, spine-tingling darkness using buzzing guitars. The epic-sounding lead guitars have not been heard like this since Sacramentum's "Far Away From the Sun," all the way back to 1996, yet Zwartplaag do not sound much like the Sacramentum horde. All the music on Haastorm makes you feel like you are experiencing a mass grave site, as one of the best tracks suggests "Imperial Death March". Every track (except the intro and outro) has memorable riffing and a new, unique, very dark, black metal feel that far surpass everything for the genre. The bass, drums, guitar and vocals perfectly fit together for each track, and create the tightest horde for a debut. Each musician is already one of the best in his class. Only label-mate Cultus, on "A Seat in Vahalla" has any of the special, unique sounds of Haatstorm, yet Zwartplaag do not sound like Cultus. The production is of the highest quality, yet dark black metal rawness strongly comes through the entire CD. A perfect hour long LP that you will not get tired of."

Masterful magazine: “"Haatstorm" is exactly what it title implies: an unrelenting stream of blackest darkness in the form of thick, bass-heavy black metal that scorches and burns everything its path to a sizzling crisp. Zwartplaag are a consistent band that adequately recreates the brooding Scandinavian urgency and darkness inherent to this genre while being notably heavier and better produced than any of their contemporaries. "Haatstorm" puts a far more evil, decidedly more venomous take on classic albums such as "Opus Nocturne", "Lords Of the Nightrealm" and "Vobiscum Satanas".”

Forbidden magazine: "Razor-sharp guitars, blasphemous blasts and vile vocals await listeners on 'Haatstorm'. ‘Haatstorm’ wields a mighty melody, yet it's is violent, ugly and disrespectful to those who deserve no respect, the way black metal was intended!"