MURW - 'In de mond van het onbekende wacht een oceaan' CD

1. Intro & Vuilnisbelt
2. Shape a suffering stature and exclaim it
3. Geen weg meer terug dus recht door zee
4. Emotienood
5. In kind dedication
6. In woe
7. In de mond van het onbekende wacht een oceaan

Detached, twisted and deranged black metal from The Netherlands. Progressive and technical compositions - no easy-listening here, but an intense rotten expression and depressed, doomed journey into the self. Material is highly unique and intelligent, no two tracks are alike, and nothing is Murw alike!

'In the mouth of the unknown, an ocean awaits' was originally self-produced and self-released by the band on cdr and cassette in 2007, being their most recent work to date. Heidens Hart Records is now proud to announce this unique album has been professionally mastered and is now available on cd.

Sample mp3: "Emotienood".

Some feedback:

91 / 100 Zware metalen: “Atmospheric black metal mixed with doom and 70s rock. Memorable and original riffs, an extraordinary album.”

90 / 100 “In contrast to other bands in the genre, Murw does not become boring at all. The length of the songs and the many genre-untypical elements create an extremely intense atmosphere, which works hypnotic and psychological. Because Murw know exactly when to use hard parts and when to use minimalistic, melodic parts, there remains a thrill to keep listening to the album from the first to the last note. It's strange, how Murw stayed an unknown must-have so far, because they belong to the best what atmospheric black metal can offer.”

90 / 100 "Murw loves melodies, and works in very complex ways. The album is a revelation. The truly genius guitarmelodies should appeal to any music lover. The album is filled with genius and diverse songs."

80 / 100 Metalfan: “Poetic and atmospheric. The band knows how to convince with long, epic compositions, which enfold themselves to the listener in a natural way. Murw works in experimental ways, with room for wide ranging, psychedelic solo's, acoustic tunes and shoegaze-like soundscapes. The clever thing of Murw is how they melt all those different influences and epic compositions into one whole. Compliments for this well thought through and atmospheric album!”

80 / 100 Heavy metal tribune: "Geen Weg Meer Terug Dus Recht Door Zee again leaves the listener in a confused state of mind (and once again proves their songwriting capabilities), with a soothing and calming guitar riff and a jazzy drum beat at the background and vocalist Floris wrecking chaos on top of the contrasting calm beneath. The furious spoken vocals at the background further adds to the chaotic state, messing with the listener's head. The ability to combine such vast influences reminds listener of bands such as Opeth or Ikuinen Kaamos, with a rawer edge and a darker, blackened sound. The doom metal references are obvious on the songs of Murw, not only from the various passages in the music, but even down to the fuzzy guitar tone that the band prefers. In Kind Dedication again throws listeners a surprise, with a (mostly) instrumental track littered with acoustic passages and whispered vocals, soothing yet constantly testing the limits of the listener's sanity with the psychedelic sound effects and sudden, tortured screams of Floris towards the end of the track."

80 / 100 Masterful magazine: “Bizarre melodies and spontaneous transitions in the rhythms accentuate the overall impression of a surreal work. A true gem in the overcrowded black metal underground has been revealed!”

80 / 100 Schwarze news: “Something resembling Murw is hard to find – an album that wass not build on untalented “I wish I was Varg Vikernes”-whining, but offers truly capable musicians, who would even make this album worthy if it were purely instrumental.”

80 / 100 Damned by light zine: "It’s more than studio gimmicks. It’s honest. It’s simple. above all, it’s beautiful."

80 / 100

" becomes clear that Murw offers a blend of primitive old school black metal mixed with more eloquent, progressive influences even harking back to the ‘70s. The result can be both fascinating as it can be more demanding for the attention span of those who are not sensitive to Klinkenberg’s noodlings."

"A true masterpiece."

"An intriguing first full-length. It's somewhat melodic, gets its atmosphere across with credibility and no two tracks are alike."

"There are a lot of great, rather progressive songwriting ideas that come out well, and a few others that are held back by the music's detached nature."

"Murw’s music is a combination of slow, misanthropic and nihilistic black and doom metal. The band manages to write compositions in stead of riff bundles, including some slow hypnotic ideas."