HEIMDALLS WACHT - 'Nichtorte - Oder die Geistreise des Runenschamanen' DLP / CD

1. Deindividuation 1:13
2. Maelstrom 4:36
3. Der Wind gibt mir Geleit 6:29
4. Ignis Fatuus 5:54
5. Die Lichtung im Mondesschein 1:20
6. Die Einsamkeit des Gestaltenwandlers 4:50
7. Waldeinsamkeit 8:54
8. Die Bürde der Schande 9:48
9. Das Treffen der Bergtrolle 1:12
10. Im Steinkreis der Alben 5:48
11. Der Zug der Wolkenfrauen 10:47
12. Reindividuation 1:02

Highly anticipated proper and deserved release of Heimdalls Wacht's 2010 album. Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal. Without a doubt one of the most respected black metal bands from Germany, always following their own old-school path and attitude, never wimping out or going for the stereotypes or for cheap political remarks. Expect epic yet melancholic guitar melodies and captivating, triumphant choirs carefully composed to mix with aggressive and fierce blasting parts, as well as sections that remind of traditional folk music. Enriched with conceptual lyrics, philosophical and traditional wonderings, deeply rooted in the history of their home-state Westphalia. Two CD pressings are sold out and currently unavailable, but now issued on vinyl DLP for the first time. Vinyl version contains one bonus track not on the previous CD editions.

CD edition 2010, Det Germanske Folket (sold out)
CD edition 2011, Heidens Hart Records (sold out)
LP edition 2020, Heidens Hart Records / Amor Fati Productions (out now!)

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95 / 100 Schwarze News: “Nearly perfect, authentic pagan black metal. Again Heimdalls Wacht shows they belong to the biggest in Germany.”

95 / 100 Threnodies: “Nichtorte is a convincing record, that does not need to hide itself, even if it is compared to other high class pagan black metal records. You should go and buy the record, as it is an authentic piece of pagan black metal.”

90 / 100 blackmetal.at: "Sehr, sehr tolles Album. Heimdalls Wacht überzeugen mit der gekonnten tontechnischen Umsetzung ihrer Ideen."

9 / 10 Infektion magazine (Portugal)

9 / 10 Totenruf: ”Highly recommened and a must-have in every pagan black metal collection.”

12 / 15 Folkmetal.at: “'Nichtorte' verbindet jede Menge Power mit sehr viel Gespür für feinere Klänge. Nichts ist trivial, vieles individuell und manches gar originell. Qualität, die sich jedenfalls auf "Nichtorte" zweifellos finden lässt und einen Kauf wahrlich empfehlen. Mit derlei Werken hätte Heimdalls Wacht wahrlich mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient!”

8+ / 10 Damned by light zine: "...the band hides some spectacular chord progressions within the tremolo giving the music an Majestic feel. It’s the bands unorthodox mixture of elements that makes you want to listen to Nichorte again and again."

8 / 10 Full Metal Attorney (USA)

Masterful magazine: "Heimdalls Wacht is by many claimed to be the most accomplished band in the German black metal scene. In a scene as potent and diverse as the German black metal scene such accolades mean something. It's the execution and total package which makes them stand out. Seldomly does one today hear a black metal act that fuses different genre elements and makes them fit so well. The galloping riffs, fragile acoustic interludes, the militant but varied drumming combined with a wide of array of vocals including grunts, rasps and heroic spoken word add a lot to the pagan authenticity. Like the old masters Heimdalls Wacht music is equally heroic, atmospheric as it is cloaked in a profound melancholy and gloom."

Lady Metal Webzine: "Brute force is alternated with catchy melodies, and thus this album is another piece of evidence that Heimdalls Wacht belongs to the biggest of our country."

Vehement Conjuration: "'Nichtorte' belongs to these relatively rare albums that stand out and works as a fine example of well done pagan black metal. The band has more skill in composing tracks that don't bore the listener at any time, even though the album clocks at over sixty minutes."

Forbidden magazine: "Show me the fools who dare stand in the path of Germanic masters Heimdalls Wacht! A near-perfect release - Heimdalls Wacht set the standard high with 'Nichtorte'."