SKEELTRON 'Waldgeist' tape 2014

1. Waldgeist
2. Nachtgeschrei
3. Melodie schwarzer Winde
4. Der Übergang
5. In Spiegel der Schatten

Eerie and cold black metal. Six years after the last sign of darkness, these are new recordings. This tape has its place between the old and more obscure German outputs from acts like Todesstoß, Corneus, Mjölnir, Celticmoon, Imperium Sacrum, usw. Bands that didn't play simply tried to copy Darkthrone, but had an own sick and twisted atmosphere. And so has 'Waldgeist' - the most expressionistic demo from Skeeltron to date. It will also be appreciated by fanatics of Blut Aus Nord for its eerie sound and subtle use of keyboards. German underground black metal lives.