1. Visionen des Sieges
2. Der Glanz der schwarzen Sonne
3. Die letzte Runenmeisterin
4. Mönsterland, min Heimatland
5. Ostarafest
6. Unser Westfalenlied
7. Die Wahrheit gegen die Welt
8. Der verwaiste Thron - ein Requiem
9. Moonlit foggy fields
10. Und aller Glanz schwand

HEIMDALLS WACHT 'Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm' CD

OUT NOW. This is the sound of nostalgia and authenticity - the album that started it all! "Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm" was originally never intended as a first album, but as a demorecording. Yet still, the first press was sold out instantly. After many requests, this first call out of the Westphalian woods by Heimdalls Wacht is now finally available again. For this edition, the sound has been slightly improved, but don't expect a big theatrical production for this re-release: the album remains as primal, spontaneous and primitive as it was meant and recorded back then; yet, it sounds better than ever! Two out of three bonustracks that appeared on the limited LP-edition of the album, have also been included on this new CD-edition. All in all, this is meant to be a slightly updated face of the album; instead of a completely reworked edition which has nothing to do with the original (and which will never happen). All layout of the 12 page booklet haven been kept mostly the same, except liner notes by Saruman about the history of Heimdalls Wacht and this recording are included!

Listen here: http://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/westf-lischer-schlachtenl-rm.