Januari 2014

Pre-orders accepted for the following releases listed below. All releases are in the hands of the pressing plant as we speak. We've tried our best to have the LPs sound and look better than the CD versions. Pressed on black vinyl only - there are no diehard versions or any sort useless goodies or gimmicks included. Preliminary release date for all titles listed below: end of january/beginning of february 2014.

Forefather 'The fighting man' LP lim. 300
Hailed by many as their best release, 'The fighting man' was a huge progression after the previous releases and set the style Forefather is known for. Their ability to create their trademark hymnic melodies took a huge step and the epic melodies that will remain stuck in your head are well represented in songs like 'For these shores'. The album pioneered with its well written compositions; alternating between fast, energetic riffs with lots of folk melodies and mid-tempo atmospheric black metal with clean vocals almost sounding chanted at times popping up frequently, to a very dynamic whole. Released in cooperation with Library Of Hellfire Gods Productions and Hexencave Productions.

Ildra 'Eğelland' LP lim. 300
After releasing two much praised demos via HH previously already, we now present the the long awaited debut album of Ildra finally on vinyl LP. Authentic and organic pagan Anglo Saxon black metal alternated with short folk parts performed on traditional instruments. The result is a remarkably unique album filled with melodic and furious hymns and provoking and commanding rhythms and vocals, topped with one of the most epic, dynamic and bombastic productions since "Hammerheart". The CD-version from this highly underrated album from 2011 was not distributed very much, so it's now time to unleash the LP edition and give the band and album the attention it deserves. The LP comes on high quality vinyl with an insert with all lyrics in the original ancient Anglo-Saxon tongue (as sung on the album) as well as the modern English translations. An accomplished work of anthemic Anglo-Saxon pagan black metal for fans of Bathory, Forefather, Primordial, Graveland, Gontyna Kry!

Ancestors Blood 'A moment of clarity' LP lim. 300
Six months have past since the CD version has been released and the first wave of fan and press feedback have pronounced this as the best Ancestors Blood album yet, even ending up in many "best of 2013"-lists. Well, as the midwinterday is now behind us and it is time to announce the much requested vinyl edition of the album. The new album 'A moment of clarity' is production wise a lot rougher than the previous 'Return of the ancient ones' and 'When the forest calls'; it goes back to the sound of their first demos. So expect a lot more primitive and rougher in sound, yet possibly their strongest songs ever. Recommended to fanatics of Satyricon debut and later Summoning.

Circle Of Ouroboros 'The final egg' digipack CD lim. 200
After the LP version almost sold out insanely fast (last 5 copies in stock), we thought a CD-version would be good. Comes with same inlay as the LP with all lyrics, graphics, etc. Please note that the CD version is even more limited than the LP; pre-orders are recommended!

Prices for pre-orders:
Ancestors Blood, Ildra or Forefather LP: 12 euro
Circle Of Ouroborus digipack CD: 10 euro

After their release, the prices will be 14 euro for the LPs and 12 euro for the digipack.

Please note:
Ildra 'Eğelland' tshirt last copies in S, M and XL still available.
Ancestors Blood logo tshirt will be available in januari as well.

Include a tshirt with your pre-order:
LP + tshirt: 20 euro
(all prices excl. postage)