September 2014

The following titles are now available:

MONDVOLLAND (Nld) - "Kwade vaart" CD 2014
OUT NOW! The second and last full length album of Mondvolland is out now. This band was already unique upon its creation - so you can only imagine what years of further development and touring with bands like Kampfar and Virus did to them. The band draws a lot of inspiration from local legends, but are far from typical the typical upbeat, happy "folk metal" scene of today. Expect avantgarde black metal with a hint of folk melodies, soaked in melancholy and dark folklore. Recommended to fanatics of old Helheim, Kampfar, Lugubrum, Lönndöm, Virus. “Kwade Vaart” is the last full length album by the band, as the band split up in spring 2014. It is an album inspired by folk stories from the Gelderland region of the Netherlands that explore the subjects of poisoning, death in battle, fratricide and witch hunts, within a local context. The darker side is the central theme found in the folklore of the region – hence the album title. The album is released on CD format with 20 page booklet with original drawing, and digital via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp and more.

KJELD (Nld) - "De tiid hâldt gjin skoft" MLP 2014
OUT NOW! "Time doesn't stop. Time won't take you into consideration. Time won't take a break. So, four years after originally planned - a lot longer than we all wanted and wished, we have finally pressed this EP on vinyl record. Being the first sign of life from them at the time, the EP grew out to an underground gem which quickly found its way to its audience. This vinyl version is in high demand and long overdue, so be sure to order your copy at Heidens Hart now. Furious melodic black metal taking you back to riff based black metal of the 90s, yet with a very heavy, more modern production. A must for fans of Kvist and first Dodheimsgard."

BLACKDEATH (Rus) - "Satanas .: Retro :. Vade" 7"
OUT NOW! At the pressing plant now. "We currently work in the studio on the songs for our upcoming EP entitled "Satanas .: Retro :. Vade" to be released through Heidens Hart Records. The songs are mostly our old material except for the last one: Die Sonne geht im Norden unter / In Erwartung des Blutes / Aufgang des kalten Mörders / Preludium - Ende (Laibach cover). The first song (originally "Sun is setting in the North") is from the debut Draugwath's demo "Dwellers of the Cursed Forest", the second one from "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" album and the third one (originally "Rising of the Cold Killer") from "Saturn Sector" album. Laibach cover is musically based on their "Preludium" part from "Macbeth" album while lyrics were taken from their "Ende" song from "WAT" album."

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) - "Logo" tshirt
Already available at Barther Metal Open Air, three prints dark grey on black shirt. Front: logo, back "SMKW" cross, right sleeve: Algiz rune. Comes on good quality, heavy Gildan shirts.