Unfortunately there has been a layout related error of the Wederganger booklet for which the only solution was to re-print all the booklets for the CDs. This will delay the release with a few days, meaning I can obviously not send all the pre-orders before the initially planned date. This has been the first time since the foundation of the label in '99 that a part of a release had to be reprinted - usually I have an (too perfectionistic?) eye for details, but this time the error slipped through! We apologize for the delay but be aware that I accept no release with errors or mistakes in them. In other words, this release will be very worth the little extra wait. The new booklets are already paid and in production - the new planned release will be only one week later, if nothing else happens of course.


I will be away from 28 okt through 3 november on tour with Blackdeath in Finland. All emails will be answered when I'm back, apologies for the inconvenience. 666 = 9!

30.10.2014 Lepakkomies, Helsinki - €6
21:30 Perdition Winds
22:30 Blood Red Fog
23:30 Blackdeath

31.10.2014 Dog's Home, Tampere - €6
22:30 Abyssion
23:10 Blood Red Fog
00:00 Blackdeath

01.11.2014 Ilokivi, Jyväskylä - €6
22:00 Lantern
22:50 Blood Red Fog
23:40 Blackdeath

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