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BLACKDEATH returns from "Obscure verses from the multiverse" European tour with Inquisition, Archgoat and Ondskapt. 19-1 performances in 12-1 countries. See photos and videos here: It means that the new album "Gift" is now available for order from Heidens Hart and will soon hit distributors. Also released is LP version from "Phobos" as cooperation by Northern Heritage and Heidens Hart.



Brand new 2015 album. Continues the sound from "Phobos" though with harsher sound.

Interested to read what TT / Abigor recently wrote about Blackdeath:
"There are a few people who do their very own thing - and I donīt know one single band who endured in doing so like Blackdeath. Out of the focus of the press, mostly in the shadow, neither pompous late 90s symphonic BM left an impression, nor the suicidal shit of the 00s, while the snake and skull ridden orthodox wave broke on their monolithic tower. They developed their weird and utterly untrendy mixture of old Voivod, early Burzum and whatnot, to something everyone should have respect for. Their German lyrics are a league on their own. Satanīs most enduring soldiers are Blackdeath! Check "Satanas : Retro : Vade" or "Gift" or "Phobos" or old classics "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" or "Totentanz II" (the split with Leviathan)."


Description from Northern Heritage is perfect and have nothing to add:

"Newest release is not part of usual NH catalogue, but follow the line of "licensed vinyls" what NH was doing years ago. DRUDKH, HATE FOREST, PESTE NOIRE and others were published under that line, and now followed with BLACKDEATH "Phobos" LP!

Appears like despite being known deep in underground, Russian band BLACKDEATH never broke into bigger attention of scene. Certainly name of band is somewhat generic and style as recording quality has been changing from release to release. But especially with their progress forward, band has reached something quite unique.

Originally members played in band called Draugwath and operated Hungry Ak-47 label, which release many obscure tapes, mostly in mid to late 90's. Bands such as Branikald or Pagan should be known to many fanatics of raw BM.

Those days I contacted them via letter, and we started to be in touch. Draugwath had just stopped and Blackdeath begun and I got to know to this project right from the start. It took until 2004, when Bottomless Armageddon album was release as part of Northern Heritage / Faustian Productions "licensed vinyl series" (therefore no formal NH catalogue number exist for release. This series was meant for releases that are known to be mostly from non-NH bands). This album was rough. Extremely harsh, simple and crude. But below the blunt and straight forward surface you could sense complex madness and energy.

Now 10 years later, possibility presented itself to do vinyl edition of BLACKDEATH "Phobos", which formerly existed only on CD format. In co-operation with Heidens Hart label, Northern Heritage presents great quality vinyl LP of this exceptional album. Already almost 15 years ago when being in contact with band, I recall members saying they are not interested in "yellow papers style attention". This radiates from work they do. They offer no scandalous gossip for scene, nothing what would be tied to specific time or place. It doesn't follow trends concerning aesthetic of sound or presentation. Simply follows their own instinct, in fines tradition of black metal. Despite of clear production in matters of recording, it is not safe or calculated. Band uses vocals, rhythms and riffing unlike any major bands on genre and writes lyrics quite unlike majority.

Band is currently on almost 20 dates long European tour with ONDSKAPT, INQUISITION and ARCHGOAT. Album is available on the tour, but also now on Northern Heritage mailorder and after tour also from Heidens Hart!"

Blackdeath "Phobos" LP.
Great sound with tradition laquer cut master. No DMM!
Vinyl pre-mastering by Der Nukleare Herjann in Tuianti.
Giant size A2 b/w poster
Full color cover & black vinyl.
Edition: 300 copies!
Retail price: 15 EURO + post.

Song from album: