BLACKDEATH (Rus) "Winter plaguing gift" North/East European tour jan/feb 2016
with special guest on selected shows CULTUS (Nld)

The Blackdeath plague returns in winter 2016, one year after the big tour with Inquisition/Archgoat. This time with Cultus as support with the first full live shows in 12 years, with a completely new live lineup. Only on two days both bands will play, on special request of the local organisator (The Netherlands and Czech).

The poison will be spread on these chosen days and locations:

fr 29.01 Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany (Cultus + support)

sa 30.01 OJC Maddogs, Groesbeek, The Netherlands (Cultus + support)

su 31.01 Musicon, Den Haag, The Netherlands (Cultus + Blackdeath + support)

mo 01.02 Kobra, Decin, Czech Republic (Cultus + Blackdeath + support)

tu 02.02 Rock club Tartaros, Banská Bystrica, Slowakia (Blackdeath + support)

th 04.02 nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania (Blackdeath + support)

fr 05.02 Howls Of Winter Fest, Tallinn, Estonia (Blackdeath + support)

sa 06.02 Side club, Helsinki, Finland (Blackdeath + support)