Delay with orders, jobs and emails

Sale is now ended a bit earlier than I wanted due to being overwhelmed with orders - thanks so much for the support. It prooved to be too much for me to handle and I am now a bit behind with emails, open jobs and orders to pack - I apologize for the delay and inconvenience. If you were planning to order you can still write until september 1st and mention the sale offer in your email, thanks.

Cultus LP and Wolcensmen LP are now at the press and should be ready soon. Besides those, here are just some of the projects I am working on:

- Mastering of Ildra and Heretic demo compilations (both will be double CD), Death Omen album, Blutvial album and a lot more;
- Shows and tours for Barathrum, Ancient, Heretic, Cultus, many more;
- Last but certainly not least: designing of upcoming Mortiis merch: there will be reprints with altered layout and entirely new designs.

As always, massive thanks for the support and your patience.