Forefather - the purveyors of Anglo-Saxon metal

The circle is complete. Entire Forefather back catalogue is now reissued on Heidens Hart with improved sound and bonus tracks. Some thoughts, and a little special offer below. Read further:

There are not many bands who improve with each album. In fact, most bands seem to loose a kind of enthousiasm and identity after first couple of outputs, be it demos or albums. How many times have you put up a new record, thinking "this sounds just like everything else out there", and then going back to their debut? How many times did you hear the x-teenth side-project of band XYZ? How many times do you see bands copying artwork ideas and lyrics off each other? Of course, every artist will claim the new album is their best, etc etc. In my opinion, Forefather is an example of a band that growns and improves with every album. Over the course of 19 years and 7 albums, the band retained their own sound yet continued to shape the concept behind the band. If you put on the latest album you will instantly hear the Forefather sound, instead of the usual modern, uniform, typical sound that every band has adopted. You will hear recognizable melodies that go back to the first albums, yet are better worked out. The albums grew with more mature compositions, better artwork, more detailed lyrics, etc.

It started with the reissue of "Steadfast", in 2013. The first edition was self-released by the band but sold out quickly. I suggested to the band to reprint it and it was the beginning of our cooperation, after being an official distributor for the band for many years already. Now in 2017, all first four albums have now been reissued as we agreed upon some years ago. Needless to say, I am very proud of owning the entire discography of the band in my personal collection, and now I have most titles double because they have the Heidens Hart logo on it.

The band has a huge number of fans despite never playing a single concert. The band has no zillion side-projects. Instead, Forefather is judged and respected by what they do: writing exceptionally good black/viking/heavy metal-ish music with well thought lyrics. All the while down to earth and with a common sense that is lacking with most bands, who are producing music simply to fit in this scene of one day flies and quick hypes.

As a special thanks to the fans, and to hopefully welcome a few new one, I am offering the first four reissues for the price of three. Simply order three Forefather discs through the Bandcamp site and I will include the fourth one in your package: or email me directly.

PS: this does not mean our cooperation has come to an end - new plans are being forged! ;)