Achtung! The following titles are at the pressing plant right now and copies will be released during oktober and november:

Elfenbloed - "Voor den eer van ons geschied" MC (repress w/original covers) - OUT NOW!
Heimdalls Wacht - "Nichtorte" DLP (november)
Ibex Angel Order - "IO Creator/IO Destroyer" 10" (oktober 12th)
Barathrum / Wrok - "Disciples of filth" split 7" (november 29th + tour)
Nortfalke - "Atmosfeer" LP (oktober)
Mortiis - "Blood & thunder" tape 2nd press (september 12th + tour)
Wojnar - "Kiedy duch wojny nade mna powstanie" LP (oktober)

These are in the works right now and will go to factory very soon:

Cultus / Theudho - "Do not betray our flame" split 7"
Elfenbloed / Kwelhekse - split LP
Evilfeast / Uuntar "Odes to lands of past traditions" split LP / CD
Countess - "The book of the heretic" DLP
Bestial Summoning - "The dark war has begun" repress LP/pic LP/CD
Corpus Christii / Darkmoon Warrior - split 7"
Wrok - "Ontgravenis" LP