Veneration Of The Dead festival - part 777

MORTUARY DRAPE - "All the witches dance" 25th anniversary special show, exclusive Benelux performance
SABATHAN - Exclusive Dutch show
HECATE ENTHRONED - Exclusive performance, first Dutch show in 19 years
CIRITH GORGOR - New album "Sovereign" presentation
ABYSSIC - Exclusive Dutch show
MONOLITHE - Exclusive Dutch show

Date: Sat 20 & Sun 21 April 2019
Venue: Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Address: Spinozaweg 300
Doors open: 14:00

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Club Baroeg is located close to trainstation Lombardijen, busstop at venue.
Very easy to reach by car, parking in front of club.
Ticket sales have started at the link above - there is no excuse! Achtung: capacity is limited to 350 maniacs only!

Our festival headliner and closing band was supposed to tour during spring 2019, and being huge fans of the band we instantly jumped on the chance to secure the exclusive Benelux date of the tour. A few weeks later the tour was cancelled outside of the bands' fault, but we did not hesitate, contacted the band directly and booked them personally for an even more exclusive fly-in show. We are extremely proud to present the Italian occult and morbid masters Mortuary Drape for an extended headliner show celebrating the 25th anniversary of the legendary debut "All the witches dance". Their entire discography is build with nothing short of masterful occult and ritualistic masterpieces, and the bands' talented musicianship is recognized more and more, without compromising their sound even one bit. Mortuary Drape is at the peak of their power, and their live performances have a reputation to boost. Bands with this kind of historical significance and integrity are one of the main reasons why Veneration exists, so dismiss your modern "ritual" hype bands, for here is your rare chance to witness the true occult dark arts.

We are proud to welcome Lord Sabathan to Veneration. The only remaining original member of Enthroned will perform a setlist compromised of the legendary albums "Prophecies Of Pagan Fire" and "Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan". Blackened horde Enthroned was formed in 1993 and they are among the originators of Belgian black metal. These two albums are not just classics; they are pillars of European black metal. Now performed again with the charactaristic demonic screams of Sabathan, sounding better than ever and with a full length headliner set at Veneration part 7. The sound of the millennium black bells will echo in the Evil church that is Baroeg!

We are thrilled to present Hecate Enthroned for the first time in The Netherlands since their tour with Satyricon and Behemoth in 2000 (!). Originated in Wales, UK and among the earliest bands from the continent who mixed traditional black/death metal with symphonic elements, alongside Bal-Sagoth and Cradle Of Filth. All of those three bands delivered a couple of ground-breaking albums, but Hecate Enthroned was arguably the most underrated and overlooked of them all. They never went for the soft gothic sound, and later albums focused on more brutal black/death metal, with the symphonic parts not so heavy on the foreground. The brand new album "Embrace of the godless aeon" was released this very week and we can imagine no better addition to this awesome news than the announcement of this exclusive show! Kjeld replaces Countess, who unfortunately had to cancel for private reasons.

We have been working with Kjeld for over a decade, but this is the first time the Frisians are planting their banner on the Veneration festival stage! Kjeld conquers with their trademark sound and riffs, as always soaked in Frisian history and completely sung in their native language. This here is pure creative genius, with a lot of attention for subtle dreamy melodies, alternated with the most ferocious and aggressive high speed storm driven by arguably The Netherlands' best and hardest hitting metal drummer.

The release of the brand new Cirith Gorgor album "Sovereign" is around the corner, and we are humbled to host the band for their official album presentation. It will be the second full length one Hammerheart Records, and the advance listening we had was very promising. More details around the album will be revealed as we get closer to the release date in april - stay tuned!

Dutch veterans Infinity have surprisingly never performed under the Veneration banner - so it's about time we welcome our long time allies to the festival. Infinity walk the path of the Adversary are known for their overwhelming and technical live performances. The band will present their latest album "Hybris", an absolute crushing masterpiece of occult black metal, with room for epic melodies and a heavy production. Fanatics of Dissection, Absu and Watain: praise the ancient Gods of the abyss!

We dug out Gotmoor from the swamp and they are the second announcement for the 7th edition of The Netherlands' longest running black metal festival. At the end of the 90s one would hear their name everywhere and together with country mates Lugubrum and Enthroned they were arguably the best known Belgian band. Their demo's "Dicht Bi Den Heerd" from 1997 and "Uit Den Donkeren Grond Gerezen" from 1998 are well preserved underground gems. The demos show a destruktive storm of fast and furious trollish black metal for fanatics of old Limbonic Art, old In Battle, old Setherial. In 2005, "Pain provider" followed; a brutal and furious black/death album, after which things got silent.

Norway and Sweden have a pretty obscure history when it comes to extreme doom metal. Bands like Svartsyn, Tristitia and the first couple of Funeral albums are all hidden gems that never really made it to a "big" audience. Unlike Finnish doom metal, which has brought forth a couple of successes without compromising their sound. Abyssic is a relatively new band from Norway but are bound to turn some heads. Among the founding members are drummer Tjodalv (which you will know from the first four Dimmu Borgir albums), André Aaslie (Funeral) and Memnoch (Borknagar, Old Man's Child). The band will play in The Netherlands for the first time ever, presenting the new album "High the memory", their second to be released by Osmose Productions. Expect epic funeral doom metal not unlike Colosseum, Tyranny (Fin) but with grand symphonic elements. Abyssic is on tour with Monolithe, this will be the only Dutch date of the tour.

Monolithe has been around for a long time but only recently started to perform live. We welcome them on the seventh edition of Veneration, while they are promoting their seventh album "Nebula septem". An album performed by seven musicians, containing seven tracks, each lasting seven minutes. Expect epic and bombastic doom/black metal with very diverse songwriting and huge sound and compositions. Whether you are into Blut Aus Nord, Esoteric, or Edge Of Sanity, be sure to be overwhelmed by Monolithe. You might have catched Monolithe at the Dutch Doom Days in 2016. Consider yourself doomed to witness them again, as they are on tour with Abyssic. This will be the only Dutch date of that tour.

Ancient and furious black/death metal, fully set on attack. Metal temple Baroeg will be conquered and dominated by the warriors of Lucifericon. With members and ex-members of Pentacle and Deströyer 666 you know what to expect! Maximum intensity in the grand traditions of late ’80 and early ’90s evil death fucking metal.

Ibex Angel Order played their very first show under this moniker at Veneration Of The Dead part 1, back in 2013. So after 6 more editions it's about time we welcome them back. The duo have perfected their ritualistic art. Highly recommended for fanatics of Mare and Inquisition, expect a hypnotizing and at times shamanistic performance.

Jenever-fueled old school Dutch black metal. Among others, members from Dodenkrocht are responsible for the monster called Hellewijt. Filthy midtempo parts, chaotic thrashy fast parts and demonic vokillz, for fanatics of Urfaust. Hellewijt will open on Sunday - a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.