Date: 24 + 25 May 2014
Venue: Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Address: Spinozaweg 300 (directions

Tickets online:

Saturday 15:
Sunday 15:
Both days 25:

Tickets in presale: 15 euro / 25 euro both days
Tickets at the doors: 17 eur / 30 euro both days


Club Baroeg is located close to trainstation Lombardijen, busstop at venue.
Very easy to reach by car, free parking in front of club.

Running order:

In cooperation with Baroeg Rotterdam I am very proud to have been given the possibility for a second edition of the festival. The first edition in 2013 was a big success and already on day one, the venue invited me to arrange a second edition. The concept is the same: all bands are picked and booked by me, because they are long time personal friends, are on the HH label, or simply because I like them. There is no place for hyped bands, flavours of the week or trendy stuff. There are plenty of other metal festivals to visit if you want to see those bands again. Instead, Veneration Of The Dead exists to show you the ugly sound and face of the true international black metal underground. This is where bands play to make a point - not to fill their wallets and play uninspired trendy shit.

Like last year, I'm very proud to host many exclusive hordes again. This years lineup include:

ROOT (Cze)

Legendary Czech black/dark metal with an exclusive one off show. Started in 1987, having 8 full length albums behind their belt. Their older albums The Revelation, Hell Symphony or The Temple in the Underworld are black metal classics, while The Book, Black Seal or Madness of the Graves are sophisticated dark metal masterpieces. Their charismatic front man, Big Boss, is well known from participation on albums of Moonspell, Behemoth or Helheim. The band's trademark are spectacular, energetic live shows. Each of them is a celebration of a real black mass.


Legendary italian outfit, spreading their fucked up lysergic extreme alien-black-hard/industrial metal since 1992. Exclusive one off fly-in show. In my opinion the best in the genre because Aborym is an all out, harsh, totally extreme and unforgiving sonic attack without compromises.


Probably the most legendary band out of the Dutch black metal history ever. Countess hardly needs an introduction to anyone remotely connected with black metal. First show since 15 years, there is no excuse not to witness the COUNTESS!


Metalpunk sleaze godz. This show and the one on Roadburn 2014 mark their final show in The Netherlands for a while, so be there while you still have the chance...


Description by V. Meelhuysen: The Netherlands have spawned a great deal of acts with quite an original sound and different points of view on how to come up with dark and Satanic music. And Apator - formerly known as Quorton and Zaag, among other names - has possibly invented the darkest form of hate music thought possible - and its only studio demo (after an endless list of home-made recordings) Guilty of down-syndrome is the best he has done. Apator's vocal hate is not really black metal when first encountered, but it is more dark and Satanic than the majority of bands walking around this world, and is therefore more black than most black metal bands! Sadly, it was one of his last demo's. His follow-up Sieg geil could have been his magnum opus, but since it contained only a few songs, it could never live up to Guilty of down-syndrome. Armed with a guitar with one string, a whole bunch of pitch-shifters, delay-effects, and lyrics that are politically incorrect in oh so many ways, sole mastermind Apator has given the scene the perfect music to cut its flesh to - and believe me, a lot of people have done just that! Be warned, most of you will still not understand any of it!


It is with huge pride I can announce this Finnish band for their first ever show in The Netherlands. Ancestors Blood play a style that is almost forgotten in nowadays black metal underground. Midtempo, melodic pagan black metal which brings back glorious times of when bands like Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Covenant and other old Scandinavian bands were still relevant. On this exclusive one off show the band presents the LP editions of their albums 'A moment of clarity' and 'Return of the ancient ones'.


The One is back! The word "ritual" is used by meaningless and boring concerts all the time, but for The One, this applies all to well. This is pure evil black metal with a morbid and eerie atmosphere, at times sounding like the part two that "De mysteriis dom Sathanas" never had. We are proud to bring The One back to Rotterdam.


Pure rotten and possessed black metal from Finland. Fans of Warloghe, Craft, old Horna, old Darkthrone - sacrifice for the altar of Kadotus.


Anticipated exclusive first live summoning of Wederganger - Gueldrian undeath metal! The band was formed in Arnhem, Gelderland, by Alfschijn, MJWW, and Botmuyl, who might be known from some previous infamies... The Dutch word "wederganger" translates as "one who walks again" (literally "again-walker") and refers to an undead returning to the world of the living, a revenant. Several songs dealing with undeath and the darker sides of local folklore and Germanic mythology were composed. Drummer Mysteriis was recruited and bass player Quaetslagher was conjured. Guitarist Bezetene was conjured to complete the undead line-up.


Formed in 2006, the musical emphasis was firmly orientated towards folk, but now, with two releases behind them and the completion of their debut album, the band has very clearly developed and expanded its sound and direction to become an atypical black metal band that occasionally nods in the direction of avant-garde and post metal, but whose melodies are clearly defined and whose sound is immediate and accessible. Add to that vocals that are a mix of screams, deep grunts and varying styles of clean vocals, and you have a band that moves seamlessly and expertly through a number of extreme metal genres.


Atmospheric and melancholic black metal with members from Northward (RIP). This young band has been compared with Drudkh and Austere. Long drawn and wellwritten compositions to dance to.


A young but upcoming black metal horde from Gelderland. This will be the presentation of the debut album "Schijngestalten", recommended to fanatics of old Emperor.